Brett Kimberlin Now Claims To Have Been SWAT-ted (Updated)

Wow, what a coincidence! The day before 85 Republican members of Congress released a letter asking Eric Holder to look into SWAT-ting attacks that many people believe Brett Kimberlin and his allies are responsible for, Brett Kimberlin claims to have been Swat-ted.

…Attempted SWATTing of Brett Kimberlin, Bethesda, Maryland, May 31ST, 2012.

…Send to [email protected] and we will pass them on to the FBI with whom we have been cooperating for months.

There are some different possibilities here.

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#1) Brett Kimberlin was actually SWAT-ted.

#2) Brett Kimberlin arranged a SWAT-ting of his own house to try to throw people off his trail.

#3) Brett Kimberlin made up the whole thing and wasn’t SWAT-ted at all.

That may seem like a cynical read on things, but you have to understand the type of person you’re talking about here. According to the Indianapolis Star, Kimberlin tried to orchestrate murders, robberies, a seduction to be used to discredit the man who prosecuted him, and even another bombing to convince people that he couldn’t be guilty — all from jail. Additionally it’s said that he’s also a drug dealer, he’s been convicted of impersonating a federal officer, the police believe he arranged the bombings to distract people from a murder, and he tried to frame someone for the bombings. In other words, you’re not only talking about someone who’s capable of absolutely anything, but Kimberlin has a history of actively engaging in criminal deception to throw people off his trail.

So, with that in mind, I’d stand by what I tweeted last night.

The DOJ should put some serious time and elbow grease into this. It should find out for sure if Brett Kimberlin was SWAT-ted. It should do whatever it takes to track down whoever SWAT-ted Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, and Erick Erickson. Between these SWAT-tings and Kimberlin’s background, I think there’s a reasonable fear that someone could end up dead if this continues to go on. If that were to happen, could officials at the DOJ say that they didn’t know it was a possibility after 85 members of Congress asked them to investigate? It’s a serious situation and it should be treated seriously by the Department of Justice.

Update #1: We can’t say anything definitive without more information, but the early indications seem to point to option #3. Courtesy of Lee Stranahan.

Subsequent to inquiries I made this morning, I received the following email from the Montgomery county Maryland public information office:

Good Morning,

I searched our 911 call database for the above listed address. There was no call listed for 5/31, nor anything similar to what you described. I then searched each of our 6 districts for the entire day of 5/31 for a murder in progress, murder just occurred or murder occurred earlier call with negative results. I then spoke with our director to determine if this type of incident was brought to his attention recently and it was not. If your research proliferates any further detail that would help us to narrow down the search, please let me know. I can always check another address if you find one, but for the time being, I don’t see anything similar to what you described.

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