Brothers Weep as They Plead Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Young Girl for Ten Years

Brothers Weep as They Plead Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Young Girl for Ten Years

Four of six North Carolina brothers plead guilty to a decade-long sexual assault of a young girl, starting when she was four. The crimes were first reported by one of the brothers to a church elder, and later to the police. In a disgusting twist, the boys’ parents are accused of knowing about the abuse, and doing nothing to stop it.


From The Daily Mail:

Four of six brothers charged with sexually abusing a young girl for more than a decade wept in court on Thursday as they pleaded guilty to their roles in the shocking crime – and begged for forgiveness.

With tears streaming down his face, Eric Jackson confessed to first-degree sex offenses in relation to the girl, who was abused from aged four to 14 at a house in Perquimans County, North Carolina.

Jackson, now 28, who first admitted his and his younger siblings’ sex crimes to a church elder in 2012 and was later persuaded to tell the police, was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison for the abuse.

His younger brother, Matthew Jackson, 24, was also jailed for 12 to 15 years after taking the same plea deal. On Thursday, the pair apologized to their victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

In response, the girl, now aged 17, told them: ‘Forgiveness is not mine to give. It’s God’s. You need to take it up with Him.’ However, she thanked Eric Jackson for reporting the abuse to the authorities.

Eric Jackson and Matthew Jackson are among six siblings charged in the case. The former was accused of rape of a child, statutory rape of a child less than six years old and three sex offenses.

Incredibly, the brothers’ parents, John and Nita Jackson, are also in custody for felony child abuse. The couple allegedly knew that their sons were sexually assaulting the girl, but failed to take action.

On Thursday, two other brothers in the family, Nathaniel Jackson, 22, and Benjamin Jackson, 20, also pleaded guilty to their roles in the crime. They were both sentenced to 20 to 24 months in prison.

After their release, the pair will be required to serve 36 months’ probation each, WAVY-TV reported.

The second oldest brother, Jon Jackson, 26, is expected to take a plea deal for statutory rape, but could not do so on Thursday due to a conflict with the judge. He will reappear in court on July 20.

This is an absolutely disgusting case, and I hope that for the girl’s sake, justice is served. My heart goes out to her, and I pray that she can find peace and move on from the trauma she suffered at the hands of these men.

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