BUSTED? NY Democrat To Linda Sarsour: Where’s the $100k You Raised for Jewish Cemetery?

BUSTED? NY Democrat To Linda Sarsour: Where’s the $100k You Raised for Jewish Cemetery?

Islamic activist and Sharia law apologist Linda Sarsour has come under a lot of fire lately. She recently faced withering criticism after she called for “Jihad” against the Trump administration and has responded to her critics time and time again by accusing them of “Islamophobia.” But now, she’s getting criticized by Democrats, too.

Dov Hikind is a Brooklyn Democrat and a New York state assemblyman, and he slammed Sarsour for not giving money she promised to a Jewish cemetery that is in desperate need of repairs. Sarsour raised $100,000 for Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, CO., but the cemetery director has said that they have not received a check, despite repeated calls.

Sarsour joined with Tarek El-Messidi, the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy, in February and March to raise money from the Muslim community to go towards anti-semitic attacks and vandalism after Donald Trump’s election — a noble goal, indeed. And the Muslim community responded generously. Sarsour’s original goal was a mere $20,000, but they quickly soared past that goal. And some money was given. $50,000 was given to repair two Jewish cemeteries and a synagogue that had been vandalized. But the money promised to Golden Hill Cemetery has not materialized. And Hikind has called her out for it.

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“Sarsour is a fraud,” Hikind said. “She talks out of both sides of her mouth. One minute she’s claiming to be a disciple of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the next she’s standing with a terrorist on stage at an event [Rasmea Odeh], and singing praises of that terrorist to an audience. I won’t be the least bit surprised to hear that her little Jewish cemetery publicity stunt wasn’t quite what she made it out to be.”

“I understood that Sarsour’s fundraiser was just a publicity stunt meant to mask her efforts to hurt the State of Israel while glorifying her terrorist pals in various Tweets and speeches,” he continued. “But I also hoped that the money she raised would at least help these cemeteries. After all, Sarsour has no loss of affection for dead Jews. But this new report raises questions about where the money went. Perhaps if this story gets out, the shame will cause Sarsour to direct the funds to the people it was promised to. Then again, shame implies an elevated sense of self-awareness, and someone who glorifies terrorists is rarely sullied by a scruple.”


Sarsour wasted no time responding on Twitter.

She also went on a rambling Facebook rant, blaming the issue on “Zionists.” But it sounds like she’s going to need a much better excuse than that if she doesn’t pay up soon.

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