Cali Mom Murdered Two-Month-Old Daughter By Cooking Her In MICROWAVE For Up To Five Minutes

Cali Mom Murdered Two-Month-Old Daughter By Cooking Her In MICROWAVE For Up To Five Minutes

I maintain that there must be a special place in hell for people who murder children; be they others’ or their own.


From The Daily Mail:

A California woman has been found guilty of murdering her two-month-old daughter, who was killed after she was placed in a microwave for as long as five minutes.

Ka Yang, 34, has been convicted of first-degree murder and assault on a child in the death of her daughter Mirabelle Thao-Lo in their Sacramento home on March 17, 2011.

Jurors rejected Yang’s argument that she had been in the middle of an epileptic seizure when she placed her daughter in the microwave.

But prosecutors argued that Yang had lied to investigators about Mirabelle’s death before they discovered a pacifier inside the microwave, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Yang had at first told both family members and later detectives that she had been holding her daughter when she lost consciousness while working at the computer.

The married mother-of-four said she woke up on the ground and found an injured Mirabelle next to a space heater nearby, according to an affidavit.

When detectives pointed out inconsistencies in her story, Yang later acknowledged she lied and said she might have a split personality, the affidavit said.

Mirabelle was found with burns covering 60 percent of her body, including radiation burns on her internal organs.

Prosecutors said she was in the microwave between two and a half to five minutes.

Investigators at the scene discovered she was burned from head-to-toe but her pajamas and hair were not signed, the affidavit states.

Yang’s attorney Linda Parisi said she has long suffered from epilepsy and that she did not deliberately kill her daughter.

‘There is no history of child abuse,’ she told the newspaper. ‘She has no criminal history.’

A spokesman for the family said Yang was a ‘gentle’ woman who ‘didn’t know what she was doing’.

Yang faces 26 years to life in prison and will be sentenced in December.

Her three surviving sons are in the care of family members.

Life in jail wouldn’t be long enough to punish this monster.

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