‘Cannibal Dale Bolinger Wanted to Eat Me For Dinner’, Claims Friend of 17 Years

‘Cannibal Dale Bolinger Wanted to Eat Me For Dinner’, Claims Friend of 17 Years

Dale Bolinger has made headlines around the world for his horrific crime of plotting to rape, murder, and eat a 14-year-old girl. Now, one family friend has come forward with a chilling story about how that victim could have been her.


A victim of cannibal fetish nurse Dale Bolinger tonight told of the horrific moment he tried to suffocate her with a rag soaked in cleaning fluid

Mum-of-four Urlene King recalled:“ I felt a hand over my head and something cold on my face. I remember struggling to get him to let go. He was suffocating me.”

Urlene, 52, said the attack left her in fear for her life but claimed she was persuaded not to go to the police by Bolinger’s loyal wife Rosemary.

The ex-youth worker said: “I feel happy to be alive because I could have ended up as his dinner. He’s a monster.”

Bolinger, 58, was jailed for nine years today for plotting to rape, behead and eat a 14-year-old girl.

The sick fantasist even posed for a chilling selfie holding a large axe he bought from Homebase the day before he was due to meet her.

While it’s certainly good to know that King is safe and live, the fact that she neglected to go to the authorities is inexcusable. As we all now know, this man wasn’t just a threat to one person — he was a maniac who would have committed unthinkable crimes if he hadn’t been stopped, and she should have known that.

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