Cartel leaves THIS chilling graphic murder message on dead body near Texas border

Cartel leaves THIS chilling graphic murder message on dead body near Texas border

The cartels are getting bolder, brasher and more violent each day. Breitbart Texas reported during the last week of December how members of the Los Zetas Cartel carried out a series of executions where they left four severed human heads and body parts around the city causing terror within the community. During that week of terror, the Los Zetas left various poster boards with numerous messages threatening informants of the Los GATES police forces. Now, the Gulf Cartel has killed a young man labeled as a snitch near the border with Texas. He was stabbed repeatedly and a message promising more violence against police and those who cooperate with them was left on the body.


From Breitbart:

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Cohauila — Investigators in this border city continue to look into the murder of a young man whose body was found by a soccer field near the Texas border next to a narco-message promising further acts of violence.

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The discovery was made last week when investigators with the Coahuila Attorney General’s Office responded to the Doctores neighborhood in this border city in regards to the discovery of the body. Investigators identified the body as 21-year-old Juan Alberto “El Coky” Gonzalez Tovar. The body, which did not show an advanced state of decomposition, had been stabbed multiple times, authorities revealed.

The murder victim was not stranger to law enforcement. On May 4, state police officers arrested him and turned him over to state prosecutors on destruction of property charges.

Military personnel and other law enforcement officials responded to the crime scene because of a narco-message, allegedly signed by the Gulf Cartel, which promised further acts of violence. The note was found next to the murder victim’s body.

“This is what happens to snitches, keep working with Los GATES and this is how you end up. We are here CDG (Gulf Cartel) and we are coming for you damn Zetas full of (expletive) be (expletive) ready bastards . CDG” the Spanish-language message on the banner revealed.

Since the murder, Piedras Negras Mayor Fernando Purón has made multiple public statements claiming that the most recent murder is not tied to organized crime, but that the message was left behind to distract authorities. I highly doubt that. The cartels seem to be leaving bodies all over the place… including inside the US. One thing you can count on is more violence from the cartels and since they are working with ISIS to a certain extent, expect it to be even more horrific. We won’t keep it from crossing our borders either until we seal them and put police, intelligence and the military on guard there. This is just a preview of coming and ongoing attractions down Mexico way.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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