Charles Barkley BRINGS IT With His Brutal Honesty On The Recent Police Killings…

Charles Barkley BRINGS IT With His Brutal Honesty On The Recent Police Killings…

In response to the deadly shootings last week that took the lives of 5 police officers, one retired athlete and commentator had some brutal words to say. That athlete is none other that Charles Barkley…as if you expected any other commentator to speak his mind.

Barkley has been known for his temper. Of course, we all knew that even way before he threw a man through a window…but this was different. Barkley has shown time and time again that he possesses an old world trait called, ‘common sense’.

Now mind you, it ain’t common anymore, but what he has recently shared in an interview with ESPN radio’s Dan Le Batard reveals a brutal honesty about the black community’s slanted perception of police shootings. An honesty that everyone needs to hear if we are, in my opinion, going to stop the sensed ‘Race-War’ the lying media keep pushing.


Barkley explains that he believes police ‘have made some mistakes’, but ‘that don’t give us the right to riot and shoot cops.’

He continued to point out that that black people ‘never get mad when black people kill each other. We never get mad when black people kill each other, which has always bothered me.’

‘I’ve always said if we as black people want more respect, we have to give each other respect. You can’t demand respect from white people and the cops if you don’t respect each other…There is some reason why there’s racial stereotypes because some of those black people out there are committing crimes. Let’s don’t sit there and act like all our hands are clean,’

The interview went on with Barkley further pushing the point of the hypocrisy. Why wouldn’t blacks be just as outraged about black on black killings, as they are about white cop shootings, even as black on black killings are drastically higher? Look at Detroit…every weekend brings a new batch of black on black killings, so much so that it feels like some sick and twisted game to see who survives till Monday. This kind of slaughter can be ignored? Apparently.

And it makes no sense.

This isn’t a finger to point the blame, this is reflection and honest talk without being shouted down.

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