Charlotte PD Release Full Videos Of Keith Scott Shooting

For the most part, the videos solve nothing, except showing that the officers were not cold hearted racists who just love shooting Black people (despite the officer who took the shot being Black): the spent a lot of time providing medical aid

(Charlotte Observer) Police body camera footage released on Tuesday shows in graphic detail the final minutes of Keith Lamont Scott’s life after he was shot on Sept. 20 by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer.

The video shows police officers handcuffing Scott and then trying to save his life in the parking lot of his University City apartment complex. Officers in the video said they found three bullet wounds on Scott– on his wrist, abdomen, and on the back of his shoulder.

While a gun is not seen in the footage, one officer is heard telling another to “come watch this gun.”

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The body camera video, which lasts 16 minutes and 29 seconds, begins after Scott was shot. Much of it shows officers assessing and then tending to Scott’s wounds, securing the scene and talking to Scott as they knelt beside him.

“Stay with us, bro, stay with us now,” one officer says to Scott.

Weirdly, the article barely mentions the second video, which is the full dash cam. Neither solves the question of the gun. What has been proposed is that the officer in the red shirt was initially standing over the weapon. Then you see him putting on medical gloves to render aid, and another officer goes and stands in the exact same spot.

You can also download the videos from Charlotte governmental website, or watch them at WTVD, which also offers

Keith Lamont Scott was a different person after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident last year. Friends say his medications made him zone out, slurring his words and forgetting what he was saying in the middle of a conversation.

“You could look at him and tell something was wrong,” said Dana Chapman, a former neighbor. “You could walk up to him, you didn’t have to speak. You could look at him and tell there was a problem.”

Doesn’t matter. Officers do not know this. When they are giving commands to a subject carrying a firearm, and they are not complying, then the results are on the subject, not the officers.

The events surrounding Scott’s death are more important than anything in his past, said Justin Bamberg, the family’s attorney. “In the end, it was his life to live until law enforcement determined they should take it from him.”

In other words, we are to ignore his long history of criminality and violence, all the threats and restraining orders. If he wanted to live his life, then he shouldn’t have been sitting around at the bus stop waiting for his child with marijuana and a handgun. If he had so many problems, perhaps someone should have been watching him.

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