Cheerleading Coach Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE to Young Girl

Cheerleading Coach Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE to Young Girl

When a person is put in a position of power over young people, there’s always a concern that they will abuse that position. In recent times, we’ve seen an increase in the number of sexual assaults that take place between teachers/coaches and students. As a parent, this has to cause a certain amount of unease every time you send your kid to school.

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From The Daily Mail:

A former cheerleading coach has been charged with molesting a member of his team.

Yohel Gattaz, 21, was fired in May after just under a year leading the Desert Storm Elite squad in Scottdale, Arizona.

Last week he was arrested and charged with one count of child molestation, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of aggravated assault on a minor.

Desert Storm Elite is one of the state’s leading cheer squads, with a roster of regional, national and world titles to its name.

Parents of the cheerleaders, aged five to 18, were informed of Gattaz’s dismissal and arrest in an email.

The alleged assault happened off school premises, the email said, according to ABC 13.

It is not clear where the incident is alleged to have happened or how old the girl was.

According to ABC 13, parents have flooded the school with concerned emails that Gattaz could have targeted more than one victim in his time working with young girls.

Eric Contreras, the owner of the gym, told the station he is certain no abuse took place on his property.

He added that Gattaz passed a background check before assuming the role last year.

Gattaz is currently held on a $150,000 bond.

He is due to be arraigned in court on July 1.

How would you react if someone at your child’s school is accused of sexually abusing a student?

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