Chicago Thugs Beat Man, “You Voted Trump!” [VIDEO]

Chicago Thugs Beat Man, “You Voted Trump!” [VIDEO]

This just makes me unspeakably angry. A 50 year-old white man in Chicago who voted for Trump, was savagely beaten and robbed by a bunch of black thugs. They couldn’t have known he voted for Trump… they probably went after him because he was white and Trump was a convenient excuse. They repeatedly threw him to the ground, pummeled and kicked him. This happened in broad daylight in the middle of an intersection. People drove by and no one helped this guy. They beat him senseless and could have killed him.

While they were beating this guy down, some chick was going through his car and robbing him. The guy fought back, I’ll give that to him. He kept trying to get back in his car and they kept assaulting him. Finally, one of them stole the car and as they drove off, the guy hung onto his car. They did all this because they said he had to pay for voting for Trump. The assault described below occurred in the North Lawndale neighborhood, which is one of the worst in Chicago. Trump is the first Republican presidential candidate in decades to make a strong appeal to black voters. I guess these guys didn’t get the memo.


From CBS News:

Police are investigating the beating of a man in a Chicago neighborhood by a group who yelled that the victim voted for Donald Trump, CBS Chicago reports.

Police said it was unclear what motivated the attack the day after Trump won the presidential election, saying it started after a traffic altercation.

Video of the attack was posted Wednesday on YouTube. It shows a man being beaten by a group of people while his car sits in the middle of an intersection. A person recording the video can be heard saying, “You voted Trump. You voted Trump.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that the man, David Wilcox, said he voted for Trump but no one in the crowd would have known.

“This is unacceptable and must be condemned by everybody,” said the Rev. Michael Pfleger in response to the video. “Violence is never an acceptable response. Emotions are raw coming out of this election, but frustration, anger and despair do not give permission to be violent.” True, too bad it came from a Marxist priest.

Police are still investigating and haven’t arrested anyone. Mr. Wilcox had to go to the hospital, but is in good condition. He never got his car back though. These thugs had to be part of Black Lives Matter and the police should hunt them down and deal with them before they kill someone.

Here’s another recounting from the Chicago Tribune:

A man shown in a viral video getting punched and kicked as a crowd yells, “Don’t vote Trump” acknowledges he supports Donald Trump but said Thursday that’s not what started the beating on the West Side the day after the presidential election.

David Wilcox, 49, said he was about to turn left from Kedzie Avenue to Roosevelt Road around 1 p.m. Wednesday when a black sedan pulled up and scraped the right side of his Pontiac Bonneville.

“I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s— out of me,” Wilcox said Thursday.

A phone video shot from a bus stop at the intersection shows Wilcox being knocked to the pavement as five people gather around him. A man in the group straddles his back and punches Wilcox with both hands.

As the fight picks up, people on the sidewalk away from the struggle yell taunts that include “You voted Trump,” “Beat his ass” and “Don’t vote Trump.”

There’s laughter as Wilcox rolls on his back and covers his face. Two people hit and kick him. Wilcox gets up and tries to get back in his car, but someone repeatedly punches him until he slumps by the side of the vehicle.

Someone else then gets into the driver’s seat of the Bonneville, and Wilcox tries to get him out. People shove him away, but Wilcox grabs onto a door frame and is dragged along as the Bonneville pulls away.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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