Child Rapist Holds Man’s Wife Hostage, Making Her Husband Run To Get Money, But When He Returns….

We’re not sure there isn’t more to this story, as it sounds a bit too random to be taken at face value. But assuming there isn’t anything else to it, Grenada might not be the best dream vacation spot in the Caribbean…

American tourist Jessica Colker was raped before being killed, Grenada’s top policeman revealed today – after her alleged murderer appeared in court.

Police Commissioner Sir Winston James said a post-mortem examination on the 39-year-old showed she had been the victim of a sexual assault.

Speaking at a press conference at the Grenada police headquarters in Fort George he also gave new details into the brutal murder of Coker.

The press conference was held just hours after her David Benjamin made his first court appearance.

Benjamin, 27, was charged with capital murder which carries a mandatory life sentence.

Sir Winston said evidence against Benjamin would include DNA and circumstantial evidence that detectives had gathered during their investigation.

‘We believe that from the investigation so far that she was severely sexually assaulted,’ he said.

‘It was confirmed by the pathologist that she was raped. The evidence will show she was raped.’

This being the suspect…

He apparently crushed her skull and strangled her.

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The husband was not injured, and that raises a question – why would he leave his wife in the charge of a panhandler while running to the hotel to get money for him? That seems…unusual.

Sir Winston said Benjamin had become a suspect as he had been seen in the area of the Le Cheasere beach in the days before Colker’s death pestering other tourists for money.

‘He was on the beach asking people for money,’ said Sir Winston.

Sir Winston said Benjamin has not confessed to murder. Police have interviewed the victim’s 62-year-old husband Brian Meloti.

Sir Winston said he was unable to divulge why Colker was left alone with the alleged killer while her husband ran over half a mile to get help.

But a police source said it was likely Colker was held hostage while her husband was ordered to return to the hotel to get money.

During the time he was away Colker was raped and killed. Her body was found an hour after the alarm was raised. Meloti did not suffer any injury.

Unless the suspect had a gun, why on earth would the husband leave his wife? And if he had a gun, why don’t the police reports make mention of it?

This is Grenada, of course, and the fantastic tales of superior police work on that island haven’t reached this far – so perhaps we just suffer from a lack of information here.

Still – would you leave your wife alone with a hostile stranger in a Third World country? Or would you fight?

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