The Chilling Moment a Mother Confesses to Putting Antifreeze Into the Drinks of Her Family

The Chilling Moment a Mother Confesses to Putting Antifreeze Into the Drinks of Her Family

Evil lurks in many forms and a plain-looking mother in her 50s can be just as evil as the scariest-looking serial killer. One mother is exceptionally evil, as she poisoned most of her family with antifreeze in a plot she worked out with her “favorite” child.

diane staudte

From the Daily Mail:

Diane Staudte, 53, who is serving life without parole for the poisonings, tells Missouri police in never-before-seen tapes that she killed son Shaun, 26, because he wouldn’t help around the house.

Staudte also admits to poisoning daughter Sarah, who survived with brain damage, saying she did it because her daughter had college debts she wasn’t able to pay and refused to get a job.

In video obtained by ABC’s 20/20, Staudte curls up on her chair in a fetal position, adding: ‘I regret doing it. I really do. I’ve screwed up everybody. I’ve screwed up my whole family.’

Staudte also killed husband Mark, 61, because she ‘hated his guts’ and accused him of domestic abuse, tapes reveal.

Between 2012 and 2013, Staudte and daughter Rachel planned and then executed a plot to poison the rest of the family using antifreeze.

According to further tapes obtained by ABC, Rachel said she and her mother bought the antifreeze online because store-bought antifreeze has a bitter chemical added to it to stop it from being consumed.

Without the flavor, it tastes slightly sweet.

In the tapes, Staudte can be heard telling officers that she added ‘one or two teaspoons’ of the chemical into Coca-Cola and Gatorade she served to Shaun, Sarah and Mark.

Mark died suddenly in April 2012, but because of his unhealthy lifestyle medical examiners put his death down to natural causes.

The same happened after Shaun died five months later because he had a history of seizures.

But when Sarah was taken into hospital the following June, the family’s pastor came forward to police and said he believed Staudte was behind the deaths.

What this woman did was beyond horrific. How could a mother do something like this to her husband, and on top of that, her own children?

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