Cocky Thug Tries To Escape From Kentucky Cops – BIG MISTAKE [VIDEO]

Cocky Thug Tries To Escape From Kentucky Cops – BIG MISTAKE [VIDEO]

A truck driver is lucky to be alive today after falling 40 feet off an overpass during a traffic stop in Bellevue, Kentucky on December 5th at about 1 am. It gets even weirder. This was on Interstate 471 in Northern Kentucky. The guy fell the 40 feet and landed flat on his back. He got up and continued to run from the police. That’s impressive. The fall should have killed the idiot. The whole incident, including the fall, was caught on a body-cam the officer was wearing. It also caught the impending pursuit.

Officers said the truck was driving the wrong way on 471 and that is what got him pulled over. Bad break for him, because police discovered he had outstanding warrants and went about arresting the guy. He decided he wasn’t going to jail when he realized he was about to be handcuffed and he started fighting the police officer. “You’re under arrest,” the officer in the body camera video told the man. “For what? What?” the man yelled.

It was at this point that the police officer lost his grip on the driver who was fighting him. The thug was wearing a zip-up hoodie and slipped right out of it. He began to run, but tripped over road debris and fell about 40 feet off the overpass. Landing on your back like that you would think either your head would go splat like a watermelon, or your internal organs would rupture. Not to mention broken bones. But nope.

“I need a Newport squad to get under the bridge. Subject resisting fell over the side of the bridge,” the officer shouted into his radio. I’m sure he thought the guy was dead at this point. The police rushed to the scene and started looking for him, but he had already fled. “I’m in the woods right now. I’m sure you can see my light. I heard him somewhere in this area,” the officer said. Then the K-9 unit arrived. One of the dogs tracked the man down who then somehow got the dog in a choke hold.

“Get off my dog! Get off my dog! Get off my dog!” the K-9 officer yelled. The dog promptly bit the jerk. Good. The officers then Tasered the guy and handcuffed him as they were waiting for an ambulance. “Hey man, you need to stop rolling around. You just dropped about 40 feet, alright?” the officer said. The guy was finally identified as Eugene Lydell, 55, of West Palm Beach, Florida. Wonder if he was on some really good drugs. He’s certainly lucky to be alive. “I thought he was dead. When we were looking over the side … he, he was … I mean, he fell over and it was a flat smack right on his back. I don’t know how he’s still living,” the officer said.

Lydell was whisked to St. Elisabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas and then to UC Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. He was cited with a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. He deserved a lot more than that, but I think the police were in shock over the whole thing. Frankly, I know it sounds cold… but no big loss. I mean, really. The guy is as dumb as a box of rocks and won the luck lottery that night. Meh… he’ll still find some way to off himself. He sounds dedicated that way.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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