Concealed Permit Holder Stops Waffle House Robbery, Police Say Thanks

Concealed Permit Holder Stops Waffle House Robbery, Police Say Thanks

Concealed gun owner stops a robber at South Carolina Waffle House and I say “thanks kind sir, how would you like your eggs?”

waffle hosue robberyA concealed carry permit holder was praised for shooting an armed robbery suspect around 5 a.m. on October 10, thereby stopping the robbery of a Waffle House in Charleston, South Carolina.

Well I bet the robber didn’t see that coming! Good job model citizen for preventing a crime. I already expect the gun control freaks to say “what if the person shot someone else by accident” and the answer is – they didn’t. I believe that anyone who owns a gun should be required to pass a safety course and own a license, just like driving a car – if you pass, you’re in. At least you were trained to show that you can handle it to some extent.  There IS a such thing as gun safety, which is why we don’t need gun control or confiscation. Kudos to the customer for standing up for their egg parlor.

A few things make me wonder where criminal brains are in a time of desperation and crime.

  1. How much money does a robber expect to get when robbing a cheap breakfast diner that may offer senior citizen discounts?
  2. What flavor jelly does the robber want on their prison friend food?
  3. Was the robber high or needed drug money and munchies to go?

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