Cop’s Home Riddled With Bullet Holes After City Councilman Urges Violence Against Cops

Cop’s Home Riddled With Bullet Holes After City Councilman Urges Violence Against Cops

There’s something that is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in Jackson, Mississippi, or police officers just might find themselves being targeted by criminals in bulk.

A police officer’s home was the target of a drive-by that left it riddled with bullet holes in a town where a city councilman exhorted residents to throw “bricks, rocks and bottles” at law enforcement.

Pearl Police Officer Alfred Jenkins’ South Jackson home was struck about 30 times last week as he and his wife were sleeping inside, according to the reports. The attack happened a day after the Pearl Police Department were in pursuit of a woman they chased into Jackson.

Jenkins was not caught up in the pursuit and Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance, who has criticized such pursuits, said there wasn’t enough information to connect the shooting of the officers home to that of the pursuit.

It was at this same time that Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes believed last year that high-speed vehicle pursuits conducted by outside agencies that led into their city was a major health issue.

And he uncovered what he really felt about the police officers by offering a solution.

“These are just thugs with guns and badges. What do I think should be done? Bricks, rocks and bottles would stop this nonsense.”

Now, here is an elected official who was sent into office after making the comment. So, Jackson, Mississippi – where do you all stand on that remark?

Pearl is in Rankin County and Undersheriff Raymond Duke shot back at the “cowardly punks” behind the assault on social media. He wrote out:

“A coward is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a person who shows shameless lack of courage. Some synonyms for ‘thug’ are; gangster, goon, gorilla, punk, also as defined by Webster’s Dictionary.”

“Tuesday night some cowardly punks committed a ‘hate crime’ against one of Pearl PD’s finest. It doesn’t appear race was an issue, so let’s dismiss that before we go further.”

Stokes lashed out at Duke’s remarks, calling the law enforcement official a “hog-headed lying b*tch,” adding that he’s a “racist thug.”

Is this who you are paying to run your city, Jackson? An obvious RACIST councilmen with an open hatred towards law enforcement?

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