Couple ‘Waterboarded Mentally Disabled Boy- BUT That’s Not The Worst Part

Couple ‘Waterboarded Mentally Disabled Boy- BUT That’s Not The Worst Part

Should there be a Hell, they will certainly have a reserved spot for these two monsters, Christy Howell and her boyfriend, Casey Shackleford.


From The Daily Mail:

A Texas woman and her boyfriend are accused of waterboarding a mentally abused relative under the age of 14.

Christi Howell, 40, and her boyfriend Casey Shackleford, 45, allegedly also tied a rope around the child’s genitals after he confessed to sticking his finger inside the family dog’s butt, according to The Dallas Morning News.

‘The victim stated that he wanted to be honest and admit what he had done,’ said the affidavit.

Howell was arrested last week and is being held in the Kaufman County Jail on $250,000 bail.

Police are still looking for Shackleford who last year was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Shackleford is accused of employing waterboarding on the child, a form of punishment that causes the sensation of drowning.

Shackleford grabbed the boy by his hair, pinned him down, and held a towel over the boy’s face as he poured cold water over his mouth and nose.

The boy told police that he was able to ‘breathe slightly’ if he moved his head to the side while underneath the towel, according to NBC.

The boy also accused of the couple beating his when he couldn’t keep proper form as he did push ups.

His parents would beat him 20 to 30 times on the back, buttocks and elbows, according to The Dallas Morning News.

It is completely beyond me how people can be so cruel. Prison will be too good for her and her nasty boyfriend.

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