Crazed Unsuspecting Gunman Stopped In His Tracks!

Crazed Unsuspecting Gunman Stopped In His Tracks!

This’ll make your day. A woman had a restraining order against her boyfriend, who had already violated it three times. She was having an alarm system installed and went to the neighbor’s for a few minutes. In that time, he snuck in and hid under her bed. He didn’t know that said ex was armed. She shot him upon finding him waiting for her. He has non-life threatening injuries. Pity. If she hadn’t been armed, the tables would have been reversed here and it could have cost her everything. This is a perfect example of why we need the Second Amendment.


From Louder with Crowder:

The Second Amendment in action is a thing of beauty. Few stories rival the badassery of those which feature a good guy with a gun (see Desperate Father Uses a Gun in Hospital Standoff to Save His Son’s Life). Or in this case, a good gal with a gun. It’s satisfying to see people manage to save the day thanks to their boom-boom stick – especially when they’d be a puddle of brain gravy otherwise. Like this woman who stumbled into a life-or-death situation in her own home…

Goodlettsville police say a woman shot her ex-boyfriend after he was allegedly found hiding under a bed at her home Tuesday afternoon. According to the police, the man entered the home, which was having an alarm system installed, while she went to a neighbor’s home for a few minutes. Police said the woman had a restraining order against him and that he had three outstanding violations against that order. The man, whose identity has not been released, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Gun vs stalker and guess who’s winning? Hint: it’s not the guy who had to be wheeled to the hospital afterward. Because yes, this situation could’ve ended much differently. Carol Bowne of New Jersey wanted a gun to protect herself from a violent ex. She had to wait to get her gun. She was killed.

Gee, these stories never seem to make the headlines. Guess it would hurt the anti-gun narrative. If I were in charge (and it’s a good thing I’m not), these would be the headlines every day and everyone would be armed. Feminists are nowhere on the issue… you’d think they’d be all for guns and women protecting themselves from evil men, but they are strangely silent. Go figure… more leftist hypocrisy on tap. This story had a happy ending because the woman was armed. She’s a hero in my book – ladies take note and get armed. You just never know.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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