Crazy Mother Slashes Baby’s Feet With a Razor Blade

Crazy Mother Slashes Baby’s Feet With a Razor Blade

These kinds of stories make you wonder why some people are allowed to have children. What possesses the mother of a baby, the person who is supposed to have an inherent responsibility to protect her son or daughter no matter what, to harm her child? Apparently Rachel Thompson, who is now facing jail time after causing “horrific injuries” for her four year-old son, felt compelled to slash her baby son’s feet with razor blades.


She then lied to hospital staff, telling them the little boy had somehow kicked or cut himself on a razor that fell into the bath.

But jurors at Plymouth Crown Court took just two and half hours to convict her of assault after hearing that the gruesome wounds could only have been caused deliberately.

Prosecutor Jo Martin said Thompson told medics she had been bathing the child when she left him with her partner.

She claimed she had come back to find the child’s feet bleeding and a razor blade lying in the tub.

But doctors grew suspicious and contacted police and social services.

A&E nurse Emma Congdon said she was suspicious because of Thompson waited two-days before bringing her son to hospital in September 2011.

It’s hard to believe there are people out there who would actually do this to an innocent baby. Our thoughts and prayers are with that child, and I hope justice is swift and harsh for this “mother.”

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