Creepy 71 Year-Old Man Stalked A 10 Year-Old Girl For Three Years & Told Her He Loved Her

Creepy 71 Year-Old Man Stalked A 10 Year-Old Girl For Three Years & Told Her He Loved Her

Some people just don’t want to face the reality that they are getting older. In some kind of an oddly perverted late-life crisis, a grandfather has been trying to get the attention of a young female child, sending her messages and pictures over a three-year period. What would you do if this happened to your daughter?

From the Daily Mail:

A pervert grandfather who stalked a schoolgirl for three years and bombarded her with messages has been jailed.

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Michael Blanche, 71, from Pencoed in Wales, sent the 10-year-old messages containing often ‘sexualised’ picture montages of her and wrote that he loved her.

Blanche was found guilty at Bridgend Magistrates’ Court of stalking the child and was jailed for 18 weeks. He had denied the offence under the Protection from Harassment Act.

At his trial magistrates were told Blanche, who runs a stall at carnivals and fairs making hand sculptures out of wax, sent his victim scores of Facebook friend requests and 60 messages.

He also took pictures off her Facebook profile page without her permission and made them into montages set to music, before giving them back to her.

The court heard he had also taken his own pictures of her with and without her knowledge and created a second Facebook identity of Mike Blank.

All of the montages, which he had handed to his victim, now 13, on a memory stick last October, were set to music from the 1960s.

At his trial the magistrates singled out the use of one Beatles song called Run For Your Life, which contained the lyric: ‘Rather see you dead little girl than see you with another man.’

The court also heard that apart from replying to one or two Facebook messages and waving at Blanche in the street a couple of times his victim never reciprocated what Blanche claimed was ‘a friendship’.

The young girl is safe and was not harmed. And this guy is now in jail, where he should be. What on earth possesses an old man to go after a 10 year-old? Next time, just go for the red sports car. At least it’s not a jailable offense.

Sonja Bochow

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