Criminal Breaks Into Home, Didn’t Realize The Whole Family Was LOCKED And LOADED [VIDEO]

Criminal Breaks Into Home, Didn’t Realize The Whole Family Was LOCKED And LOADED [VIDEO]

Nothing says family love like locking and loading together. This burglar, pictured above, in what can only be described as the stupidest move ever, ignored the warning shot they fired and has now departed this world. It didn’t have to be that way. But he chose unwisely. And the family that protected themselves and their property are unhurt. This is exactly what the Second Amendment is for; protecting ourselves and our families. Video below.

From Louder with Crowder:

The phrase “wrong house” has never been more appropriate. An entire family participated in the shooting of an intruder who broke into a house less than a mile from his own residence. A mother, father, and adult son were awoken to the sound of the intruder breaking through their back door. By the time he reached the kitchen, the whole family was armed and ready to engage the threat.

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Thankfully the family knew a thing or two (as it turns out, three things) about firearms.

If this story doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m not sure what will. A basket of puppies perhaps. No, that doesn’t mean we should celebrate someone’s death. But I’m not sad about it either. You want to call me a heartless wench? M’kay.

To be extra fair, this family fired a warning shot at the guy who broke into their home. Snotmuffin still came in. So the family locked and loaded. If someone isn’t deterred by a warning shot, best to assume they’re not going to be deterred by a hashtag. Or a ribbon campaign. A smiley face sticker.

If common sense isn’t your thing, you may want to avoid dangerous careers such as thievery. Your first burglary may just be your last.


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