DAD Said four children ‘skin and bones’ after mom accused of abusing them with ‘wire hangers’ and ‘intentional starvation’ [Video]

It is beyond me how a parent could do this to their children. A mother and her cousin starve her four children and beat them with hangers, belts and sticks until they are scarred. It is a wonder one of the children did not die. The kicker is, there was plenty of food. They just locked the kids in a room and let them waste away. How coldhearted and evil do you have to be to do this to anyone, much less your own children?

(Source: Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department)

From WECT:

A Charlotte man and woman were charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse, after police say they intentionally starved the woman’s four children. The children are now living with their biological father in Pensacola, Florida.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police arrested 28-year-old Ronika Bell and her cousin, 31-year-old Deron Cuthbertson, for starving and physically abusing four children, ages ten, nine, eight, and six.

Arrests warrants of Bell and Cuthbertson state the two are cousins.

Bell is accused of intentionally committing assault on a 10-year-old child that resulted in serious physical injury, severe malnutrition from starvation, scarring on the back from being beaten with various items: wire hangers, belts and sticks.

Cuthbertson is accused of intentionally committing assault on an 8-year-old child that resulted in serious physical injury, severe malnutrition from starvation, and scarring on the left knee.

Detectives said they found plenty of food in the house and that the children were being intentionally malnourished.

The kids explained more to their father, Joshua Bell, who took them to the hospital after the mother dropped them off at his Florida home. The father said when he saw his children, they appeared as “skin and bones.”

The mother, Ronika Bell, said the kids looked thin because they got dehydrated during the car ride.

The father took the children to the hospital after they threw up every bite of food they ate and had diarrhea, he said. He said their bones were protruding through their skin and his youngest son’s skin appeared gray in color.

Joshua Bell said the boy’s blood levels were extremely low, his white blood cells were nearly non-existent, and he had to have two blood transfusions before being placed in ICU.

The mother finally took the children to dump them off with their father, thank goodness. Both the mother and cousin/boyfriend are being held and I hope they rot. Some judge should throw them in a dark pit and throw away the key. These children will always be marred by what their mother did to them. They’ve gained the weight back and the scars will fade, but the hurt will always be with them. I don’t blame the father for having to restrain himself… now the state should restrain the mother and her abusive partner for as long as possible. Turn about is fair play.

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