Darrell Issa Committee Issues First Subpoenas To “Usual Suspects”

How About We Find Out Something We DON’T Already Know?

Mark it in your calendar:

February 15, 2011: Darrell Issa’s : long-awaited first subpoenas as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee have just been served.: 

Now preparing motions to quash (probably):: 

: Bank of America and/or Countrywide-related mortgage honchos: who gave certain members or staff: in: Congress:  sweety-pie deals from the “liar loan factory” during: the mortgage boom.: :  This is fine, but it turns out, Congress ALREADY KNOWS who got a lot of them, it’s just that some names were kept SECRET from us.: :  To me, this is kind of like telling us Bernie Madoff might not be such a good guy??!

I was kind of hoping to blaze some new ground through Issa’s committee. : : How about some:  Pigford:  on a “global warming” rotisserie?


By March 7, the bank will need to produce all documents related to the company’s VIP program, also known as the “Friends of Angelo” program in honor of former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo. Mr. Mozilo ran the subprime factory at the center of the housing bubble. Sweetheart loans for his “friends” at Fannie, Freddie and on Capitol Hill were part of a strategy to keep the mortgage party going, with minimal oversight of the loans originated by Countrywide and then guaranteed by Fan and Fred (and taxpayers).

In 2009 Mr. Issa persuaded then-Oversight Committee Chairman Ed Towns to issue a similar subpoena. But to protect the less-than-innocent, Mr. Towns asked that names be redacted. The identities of political “friends” in the House were sent only to the ethics committee, where they seem to have fallen down a well. Most sweetheart loan recipients in the Senate were allowed to remain anonymous.

Mr. Issa’s new subpoena seeks the whole story, unredacted. The scuttlebutt is that most of the 30 Capitol Hill loans went to staff, not elected officials. But revealing internal discussions of why the firm helped “friends” like former Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Kent Conrad may suggest important reforms. However that turns out, it probably won’t take a subpoena to understand why such reforms were absent from the law Mr. Dodd co-authored last year.

The Republican flamethrower is inspiring a major case of dry-heaves and ISSA-phobia on the left, which is a good thing…..but how about we make sure all the FEAR FACTOR is for good reason.:  How about some shock and awe, Congressman Issa?:  How about it NOW?: 

It’s already mid-February.: : : Time’s a-wastin.’

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