Daughter Confesses She Was Raped At Six Years-Old – Then Mother Becomes A Killer

Daughter Confesses She Was Raped At Six Years-Old – Then Mother Becomes A Killer

There is something about Florida that just drives people to do the insane. One Florida mother has just confessed to murdering a teenage boy in retaliation for the alleged rape of her six year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu had plotted out how she would kill 18 year-old Xavier Sierra and decided on taking him to a wooded area in Naples. When they reached the spot, she suddenly started questioning whether he had raped her daughter and then she shot him dead, police say.

After the crime was done, she called 911 to report what she had done: “So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter… she told me everything that happened.”

When police came upon the crime scene, they found the dead body of Sierra, laying by the trees in the 700 block of Goodlette-Frank Road. What they also found was the body of Serbu’s brother John Vargas, a mentally disabled 29 year-old who lived in the Bronx, New York.

The plan was to have Vargas there to help Serbu carry out the murder, but things took a turn for the worse when Vargas ended up getting killed in the struggle that took place.

Serbu was an open book for investigators as she relayed to them how her daughter had told her that she had been raped in May 2016 – as it had already been years since the time of the rape.

Her daughter begged her mother not to hurt Sierra, but Serbu refused to listen and began plotting his death, court documents reveal.

In July, Serbu texted Sierra inviting him to come over and build a bunk bed for cash. Serbu then picked Sierra up, along with her brother Vargas, but instead of returning home, they drove to the woods in Naples.

As it turns out, the daughter who alleged that she had been raped, also told her mother that she wanted her to leave Sierra alone and not pursue the issue. But obviously, that wasn’t in the plans for Serbu. Sierra had been taken to the woods. He had attempted to flee, but was chased done by Vargas, who then struggled with Sierra to take control of the two guns that were going to be used. Eventually Sierra ended up shot six times and died.

Vargas was shot once in the abdomen and later died from his wounds. Serbu is now charged with second-degree murder. Zachary Rodriguez, a friend of Sierra, had this to say: “The arrest brings up a lot of old emotions. But it also brings a big weight off my chest and helps me take a deep breath. Things are taking a step in the right direction, and it feels good to know justice is being served.”

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