Daughter Of Polygamist Cult Leader Reveals He Sexually Abused Her For YEARS Starting When She Was 8 – Then He Married Her Off… [VIDEO]

Daughter Of Polygamist Cult Leader Reveals He Sexually Abused Her For YEARS Starting When She Was 8 – Then He Married Her Off… [VIDEO]

We all know that Warren Jeffs was a cult leader and a scumbag. But it turns out, he was also a pedophile and into incest. I guess that isn’t very shocking considering who this guy is. He really had a thing for young girls. One of Jeffs’ daughters, Rachel Jeffs, 33, is now opening up about the sexual abuse she went through growing up. He started abusing her when she was 8, right through the age of 16, when I guess she was too old for his tastes. Then he married her off to a guy who had two other wives. Warren Jeffs is a polygamist. He is a cult leader and a pervert.

One day, Jeffs called Rachel into his office and exposed himself to her. “Very shockingly, father started abusing me sexually. First, presenting what a man looked like… And then, he started sexually abusing me, as a young child. It was so against his teachings, so against what he had taught us, I didn’t know what to think and I just felt terrible. I didn’t know why he was doing it,” the mother-of-five said. She lost count of how many times he sexually abused her over the years.

Rachel says she told her mother, Jeffs’ second wife, about the abuse when she was 10 years-old. She said she felt like she couldn’t handle it anymore. Her mother confronted Jeffs, but it made no difference whatsoever. She says her father would take her to book stores to look at pornography. That’s really sick. “As a very young child, he would take me in there and sit me in the children’s section and bring a book over and force me to look at pictures of pornography,” she said.

Rachel says he finally stopped molesting her when she was 16, after writing him a letter about how much he had hurt her. “After I confronted him and let him know how I felt about it, I was shocked because the reaction was one of defeat. I’m sorry, you know? That’s what he said. It was a different father than I ever knew,” she said.

But that wasn’t the end of her nightmare. Within two years of the abuse stopping, she found out she was being married off. “He comes home and says, Rachel, you’re getting married to this man – Richard Allred. And my first thought is, I’m glad it was a young man. I was afraid I was going to marry an old guy. We had no choice. I was grateful to have a young man,” she said. How sad is that? These women were nothing more than slaves.

Rachel Jeffs, the daughter of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, revealed to Megyn Kelly on Friday that her father molested her for several years.

On her wedding night, Rachel says that her father instructed her to ask her husband for a baby that night. But Rachel wasn’t ready, so she didn’t follow her father’s instructions. Luckily, her husband was understanding. Of course he had two other wives who he could turn to. “He was kind. He was, like, he wasn’t in a rush. He was nice to me. He was a lot different than my father,” she said. Unfortunately, his other wives were not so nice and there was a lot of infighting. There was plenty of jealousy and bad feelings. “You want your husband to be your best friend. But you feel like he’s always turning against you and going and being somebody else’s friend. You just feel like – you always want him to prove his love to you because you feel like he is trying to love so many women at the same time. And at the same time, my sister wives did NOT enjoy me coming into the family,” she says.

“They felt like my husband loved me more than them. So, they treated me badly. And I didn’t blame them in a way. I knew that would be hard. And I even learned later, after my husband got more wives, that it was difficult to have more wives come in the family and just have him sleep with all of them, have kids by all of them,” she said. I can’t imagine living like that. This was back in 2006. That year, her father was convicted of molesting one of his young brides and was sentenced to a lifetime behind bars.

Rachel is pictured above with her father when she was a young girl. She says he molested her from the ages of eight to 16.

But Jeffs still rules from prison and could make her life a living hell. “He would decide that someone was guilty of a sin and would send them to live alone for long periods at a time. He sent me away from my kids for up to seven months at a time, to live alone. Accusing me of having sex when I was pregnant, when my husband never would have sex with his pregnant wives. And the more I said we didn’t, the more he accused us and kept me alone longer and longer. And during that time, I never got to hear from my kids or see them or know how they were,” she said.

Eventually, Rachel and one of her sisters escaped from the community. That was in 2015. At first, she went to live with her grandparents who did not belong to the church. She took her five kids with her – ages six to 14. Rachel began teaching violin and photography. Since then she has marred an ex-member of the church. Rachel recently wrote a book about her experiences – Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult and My Father Warren Jeffs. But even though she is free, her father, who is now 61, still runs the church from prison. What an awful story.

Rachel was married off when she was 18 years old to Richard Allred, who already had two wives before her. The former couple pictured above in their wedding photo.

Rachel left the cult in 2015 and has since remarried to another ex-member of the church (their wedding day pictured above).

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