DC Rioters Facing 10 Years in Prison Beg Comrades For Bail Money, Legal Support

DC Rioters Facing 10 Years in Prison Beg Comrades For Bail Money, Legal Support

If you are part of an unnecessarily violent riot because the new President said some mean stuff, I don’t have any sympathy for you after you are rightfully arrested. Neither did Katie Pavlich, who posted this awesome piece over at TownHall after receiving an email from the “DisruptJ20” group begging for bail money.

It is complete with screenshots of the emails for your viewing pleasure.


From Townhall:

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During President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C. last Friday, more than 200 people were arrested for rioting. Anarchists and anti-Trump agitators took to the streets to keep inauguration attendees from going through security, burned a limousine (which was owned by a Muslim immigrant), smashed a media truck and severely damaged a Bank of America and Starbucks while employees were working inside. Fires were also set in the streets.

Rioters have been charged with a slew of crimes and some face up to ten years in prison, prompting their “comrades” to plead for bail money and legal help.



I am having a hard time scrounging up even a penny for these people. Maybe you would like to donate to their cause?

And by “donate to their cause,” I mean “go out to a nice dinner with your family or friends and laugh about how stupid the DisruptJ20 Crew is.”

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