Dentist Mishandles Girlfriend’s Baby, Then She Finds Out What Really Happened! [VIDEO]

Dentist Mishandles Girlfriend’s Baby, Then She Finds Out What Really Happened! [VIDEO]

This is in my backyard and is horrific. A dentist in Tulsa was just arrested and charged with first-degree murder after taking his mistress’ 19 month-old baby boy and slamming his head into the ground. You then see him carrying the limp body of the child and eating a slice of pizza. Cold and callous doesn’t even begin to get it here.

Bert Franklin is a 35 year-old dentist who is married and has four children. His mistress and his wife knew nothing of each other.

The baby’s mother told authorities that Franklin hated the baby’s biological father and wanted to skin and mutilate him. Why in the hell did she stay in a relationship with that kind of monster? This is the result of very bad judgement. She chose poorly and it cost a child his life.


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From the Daily Mail:

A shocking new video shows an Oklahoma dentist grabbing a slice of pizza as he holds the limp body of his mistress’ son – moments after he allegedly slammed the boy’s head into the ground.

Bert Franklin, 35, was arrested last month and charged with first-degree murder in the death of 19-month-old Lincoln Van Henry Lewis.

The toddler’s mother found him unresponsive at home and took him to Mercy Hospital, where he was diagnosed with skull fractures.

Now new surveillance video has been released which gives a clue to the horrific last moments of baby Lincoln’s life, reports.

The baby had multiple fractures to his skull and there was bleeding in both eyes. He never stood a chance. What an awful way for a child to die at the hands of someone who was supposed to be taking care of him. The damning video of this demon killing the child will surely get him the death penalty here in Oklahoma.

A home surveillance video shows Franklin walking down the stairs with little Lincoln in his arms. The baby was alert and awake. Then Franklin disappears into the living. It is unclear what happened next, but an Oklahoma City detective told the court that she believes the video shows the dentist slamming the child head first into the ground. Franklin was then seen kicking towards something on the floor which is not visible. The brutal results pretty much speak for themselves.

The mother knew something was horribly wrong when she tried to wake Lincoln at 2 am to feed him. He was unresponsive and she rushed him to the hospital. I assume she was working and had arrived home not long before that or she should have noticed the child’s condition much earlier.

Due to the severity of his injuries, the child was later flown to a Tulsa hospital where he passed away Monday, according to police. The doctor on duty reported the child’s injuries as they indicated abuse… which is an understatement here.

There is evidence that Franklin had abused another of his children. He has been denied bail because he is a flight risk after losing everything, including his dental practice. No sympathy here and if there is any justice in this world, he will get death as his reward for killing that child.





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