DIRTBAG Lures Two Girls Into Woods, But Tattoo Covered Witness Knows Better – TAKES ACTION!

DIRTBAG Lures Two Girls Into Woods, But Tattoo Covered Witness Knows Better – TAKES ACTION!

It was a chilling moment for two young girls when a stranger approached them at a park and attempted to lure them into a secluded area. Thankfully, a neighbor – one who you would have never guessed – saw what was going down and moved in to help.

‘Viper’ MacDonald is that neighbor’s name and when he saw a man approach two young girls in Hallglen Park in Falkirk, Scotland, he instantly went into papa bear mode. He and his son, Brandon, jumped into action.

The 50 year-old suspect had biked up to the girls and tried to entice them into the woods near the park by requesting for help looking for his jacket. Once MacDonald detected what was going on, he confronted the man and ended up pinning him to the ground.

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He spoke with the girls and told them to run to his wife, Shelley, who was standing close. The family notified the police and MacDonald confined the man until they arrived.

Gladly, both girls were totally unscathed and MacDonald is now being publicized as a hero. Due to MacDonald’s quick thinking and reaction, the man has been arrested and is now looking at charges for attempted kidnapping.

One of the mothers of the girls wrote on Facebook:

“This absolute beastie scum tried to get my daughter and her friend to go into the woods with him in broad daylight. They were playing at the park when he’s [sic] approached them on his bike asking if they would help him find his jacket.”

But the mother to the other girl had a different approach and wrote on Facebook:

“Rather than sharing the picture of the [expletive] that has been charged with attempted abduction of our daughters….share the hero’s photo!”

“This is the people you should be sharing and talking about – not the beast that’s currently in a jail cell!! People who put the safety of their community first and aren’t afraid to question a situation that looks wrong…We will never be able to express our thanks to him and his family enough.”

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