Disgusting Muslim Cleric Immediately Arrested When They See What’s At His Wedding

Disgusting Muslim Cleric Immediately Arrested When They See What’s At His Wedding

Who on EARTH thinks this is acceptable? Why do people still do this?? News flash: This is the 21st century, you can’t marry children!

Absolutely vile creature.


From Mad World News:

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An esteemed Muslim cleric was performing his religious rites during an intimate wedding ceremony when guests noticed something a bit strange. However, as soon as police saw what the elderly Muslim had brought to the wedding, they immediately arrested the sick man.

In Islam, it is customary to take more than one wife if the groom feels he can provide for them. It is even acceptable to take up four wives, per the Quran, and as many sex slaves as your “right hand” can possess. Still, there is one more Islamic tradition hailing back to the days of the prophet Muhammad that takes the proverbial cake when it comes to the religion’s sadistic traditional practices.

Afghan cleric Sayed Mohammad Karim, who is believed to be around the age of 60, was recently arrested when Pakistani authorities were notified of his sickening wedding ceremony taking place in Ghor province. The elderly Muslim cleric invited family and friends to an intimate wedding in which he married a 6-year-old girl he had allegedly kidnapped from a family in western Herat province, Asian online newspaper The Strait Times reports.

Fortunately, police caught up with the perverted mullah before he could consummate the marriage to 6-year-old Bibi, according to medical professionals. However, the abuse she’s suffered at the hands of the pedophile has already caused her great trauma.

According to the Independent, the child doesn’t speak except for repeating the words “I am afraid of this man,” while referring to Karim.

This is the reason this religion is unacceptable in modern society. This and many other disgusting, barbaric traditions should disgust EVERYONE.

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