Doctor drugged his female patients & filmed himself raping them while they were unconscious

Doctor drugged his female patients & filmed himself raping them while they were unconscious

This may very well be the most disturbing thing you read all day. Dr. Binh Chung, 41, is accused of drugging eleven women and filming himself having sex with them. Two of his victims are a mother and her teen daughter.


From The Daily Mail:

A family doctor has been accused of sexually assaulting 11 of his patients including a mother and her teen daughter who were allegedly raped.

Binh ‘Ben’ Chung, 41, a married father-of-two, is accused of using horse tranquilizer ketamine to knock the women unconscious before attacking them in his Las Vegas surgery while filming the abuse.

Chung’s alleged crimes were only uncovered after his wife found tapes of him having sex with apparently unconscious women, before contacting the teen girl and her mother, who went to the police.

Chung was initially arrested back in July and accused of attacking the girl, aged 14 or 15, who recalled the attack after speaking to her mother and realizing they had both been abused.

The doctor made his first court appearance this morning to be formally charged with attacking nine other patients.

It has also been revealed that Chung was first accused of groping a 15-year-old girl back in 2006, but was given just 100 hours of community service before being allowed to go back to his practice.

A cautionary note was placed on his file by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, and he was given ‘impulse control’ classes before being released after promising to ‘stay out of trouble’, according to records uncovered by the  Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The recent accusations against Chung surfaced last month after a teenage girl and frequent patient of Chung, said he had lured her to his surgery late at night after convincing her to get treatment for her acne.

According to a police statement, Chung picked the girl up from her house at 10pm and took her to the Sundance Medical Centre, Las Vegas.

However, she said once there Chung gave her a shot in the arm and she began falling in and out of consciousness.

When she eventually woke up at between 2am and 3am, she found her legs had been placed up in stirrups and her underwear taken off, the police report says.

Chung then told her she had suffered a bad reaction to the acne medication before offering to drive her home, she said.

She stayed quiet over the alleged attack for almost a year, according to deputies, before deciding to come forward last month after a conversation with her mother ‘jogged her memory’

The teen also spoke to Brenda Chung, the doctor’s wife, who had become suspicious of her husband before discovering tapes she claims show him having sex with unconscious women.

The couple are now reported to be going through a divorce.

There should be a special ripping up of the marriage certificate for people in these types of situations. And as for the good doctor, he should be in jail for a loooong time.

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