Donald Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To MS-13 – ‘We’re Throwing You The Hell Out…’ [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To MS-13 – ‘We’re Throwing You The Hell Out…’ [VIDEO]

Speaking to a group of newly-minted FBI agents, Donald Trump gave a piece of his mind on what he’d like to do to the vicious thugs in the MS-13 gang.

The gang, whose motto is, “Rape, Kill, Control,” uses baseball bats and machetes as their primary weapons and since Trump took office, thousands of them have been arrested by ICE and charged. In his speech, Trump used the same style of campaign trail rhetoric that earned him the vote instead of the usual well-scripted, well-teleprompted speeches we see him give at the White House when speaking about economic issues.

“You know, the jail stuff is wonderful, but we have to pay for it, right? But these are killers. These are people that are sadists in many cases. We don’t want them. We don’t want them. They are getting out of here.”

Continuing, he said that American cities should be sanctuaries for Americans, not criminals. And that he doesn’t want to see these thugs rotting in American jails, costing the taxpayers hard-earned money, but that he’d rather see them hauled off to El Salvador. In the last year, around 4,000 members of the MS-13 gang were apprehended with help from authorities in Central America, from which the gang originates.

Speaking directly to the gang members who might be listening, Trump said he has a special message for them:

“We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, we will throw you the hell out of the country.”

The speech was part of the graduation ceremony for new recruits for the FBI Academy in Virginia.

Not a man to spend too long on one topic, Trump finished his undressing of the gang as “killers” and “sadists” before turning to immigration as a whole. He promoted his belief in a “merit-based” system of immigration, saying that the violent people who end up in America are only there through the use of visa lotteries and existing relationships to others who have already immigrated to the country.

MS-13 evolved from a street gang and was founded by immigrants to America who were running away from a civil war that took place in El Salvador 20 years ago, and they currently have an estimated 10,000 members in America. They are extremely violent and engage in murder, prostitution, kidnapping, drug smuggling and forms of human trafficking.

Trump said that he and others are calling on Congress to end what is known as “chain migration” and to trash the lottery system, because lotteries aren’t how you get the “best people.” You should “pick people,” not just roll the dice and take a chance.

Here is the full 20-minute speech that Trump gave to the class:

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