EIGHTH Body Found as Police Frantically Search For Vicious Killer [VIDEO]

EIGHTH Body Found as Police Frantically Search For Vicious Killer [VIDEO]

Ohio residents should be on high alert as a vicious killer is believed to have butchered eight people. Police are still trying to find the murderer.

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From the Daily Mail”

An eighth body was found on Friday in the mass murder of a family in Pike County, Ohio – a rural area about an hour and a half east of Cincinnati.

Crime scene investigators were first called to Union Hill Road at 8:21am, when seven family members were found shot to death in the head ‘execution style’.

Hours later, officials confirmed than an eighth victim was found at a nearby property just before 2pm, but it’s still unclear whether this victim is related to the first family of victims.

Ohio Attorney Mike DeWine told 700 WLW that the first set of victims were members of the Rhoden family, and that the shooter or shooters ‘is probably loose somewhere’ since none of the deaths look like suicides.

‘If I was a member of that family, I would be extra cautious right now,’ DeWine said.

The motive for the crime is still not known.

Officials have not identified the victims, but local Pastor Phil Fulton told the Columbus Dispatch that the first seven victims are Dana Rhoden, her ex-husband and some of her children and grandchildren. At an afternoon press conference, DeWine said that at least one of the victims was a child and that three children survived the massacre.

The bodies were reportedly found in or near more than one residence along Union Hill Road this morning, just east of Peebles, Ohio.

More than a dozen investigators are now working at four crime scenes along the road, trying to figure out what happened. These crime scenes include houses and trailer homes separated by a mile at some points.

What a horrible tragedy. Hopefully, police find whoever is responsible soon.

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