Eric Holder May Have Helped Criminals Murder Hundreds Of People, But He’s The One Who’s Upset…

At a minimum, Eric Holder should have to resign over Operation Fast and Furious. It happened on his watch, in his Justice Department, and people are dead as a result. On the other hand, if Holder actually knew about it, then there should be a serious discussion about whether he should spend time in jail — and he’s not the only one. This is a scandal that’s bigger than Watergate, but it’s being covered up, ignored, and minimized by a mainstream media that’s desperately trying to protect the Obama Administration. This is despite the fact that the Obama Administration is dragging its feet, stonewalling, and withholding documents.

Yet, we have this pompous, race-baiting, stonewalling incompetent complaining that Congressmen aren’t spending enough time kissing his behind when they’re trying to get the basic facts about all of the people his Department helped send to the grave.

Attorney General Eric Holder castigated an Idaho congressman while testifying before the House Oversight Committee Thursday, accusing him of committing one of the “worst things I think I’ve ever seen in Congress.”

Holder was on Capitol Hill to testify in an ongoing congressional probe into the failed Operation Fast and Furious, in which weapons sold to Mexican drug cartels were not tracked, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, including a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

According to National Review Online, Holder was responding to a “grandstanding presentation” by Republican Congressman Raul Labrador that “cobbled together testimony from Holder going back ten years to establish a ‘pattern’ of Holder saying, in effect, ‘I don’t know’ in testimony.”

“There’s a whole bunch of things that I could say about what you just did, maybe this is the way you do things in Idaho or wherever you’re from,” Holder said. “But understand something – I‘m proud of the work that I’ve done as attorney general of the United States, and looked at fairly, I think that I’ve done a pretty good job.”

There are a lot of families of dead Mexicans and more importantly, the family of a dead American, out there trying to get justice. Eric Holder is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening. So, if there are members of Congress who are tired of watching Holder act like a Mafia Don who’s trying to beat the rap instead of the Attorney General, all I can say is that it’s about time.

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