Evil father of 7 year-old who starved him and fed his dead body to pigs faces justice [VIDEO]

Evil father of 7 year-old who starved him and fed his dead body to pigs faces justice [VIDEO]

As if he was devoid of soul, the atrocious excuse for a father of 7 year-old Adrian Jones was sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years in a Kansas prison. The reason for such a long stint behind bars, is one that will both devastate you and enrage you to no end…Just be aware.

Michael Jones stood in court, dressed in the only attire he will be wearing maybe for the rest of his worthless life. The a 46 year-old former bail bondsman couldn’t even bring himself to look around as Adrian’s grandmother, sister and mother took turns speaking. He didn’t stand a chance and for good reason: He and his wife had tortured Adrian for a year, then murdered him and fed his body to pigs.

This here folks is pure evil.

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His wife is 31 year-old Heather and has already accepted the same sentence and will be spending her miserable life in lock-up in Topeka. Adrian had been nothing more than skin and bones when he died. His last months on this earth were nothing short of Hell on earth. His father and stepmother had imprisoned him behind a plywood door in a shower, he was even made to stand in a pool full of stagnant water up to his neck. He was shackled, bound, starved and and so physically abused, you couldn’t even recognize him from a year before. To his stepmother, he was known only as ‘the boy’, rather than calling him by his birth name.

Adrian wasn’t the only child. The father cared for and provided for his six other girls…as for Adrian, he was nothing more than a bag of meat to be tortured.

So, when Adrian died, his body was buried. No. These people were too evil for that. Instead of giving the child’s body a burial, the seven year-old was instead thrown to pigs to be devoured. They were purchased specifically to get rid of Adrian’s body, which had become emaciated over the long year of torture.

Adrian’s grandmother, Judy Conway, has been asking why it was that not single person recognized what was going on and helped the football-loving little boy.

“In Kansas there have been something like 15 cases when something similar to this has happened and only twice have they accepted any blame. Even now, after all this time I still haven’t seen the files.”

In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 16, “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

Adrian’s death is beyond heartbreaking. It didn’t have to happen. It’s time society stop being nice to these monsters. Stop giving these monsters another day of breath. Their lives have no worth, after committing such a long drawn out act…

Why even keep these monsters alive?

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