Evil: Mom Convinced a 4 Year-Old That She Had Cancer as Part of a Way to Scam Church Groups

Evil: Mom Convinced a 4 Year-Old That She Had Cancer as Part of a Way to Scam Church Groups

Absent of murder, using your child to perpetuate a scam is one of the sickest things a mother could do. And that’s exactly what Jessica Lynn Good did.

jessica lynn good

From the Independent Journal:

Good told countless people that her daughter, identified only as KG, had cancer, despite there being no evidence of the disease whatsoever.

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Associate pastor at Oakwood Christian Church Alan Seibel began to see some cracks in Good’s story this year after he noticed many inconsistencies in her story. Eventually, he quietly asked police to investigate.

Seibel’s concerns were confirmed by Enid Police Department Captain Jack Morris:

“We were able to obtain medical records and we found that this child has never seen a doctor in reference to cancer or any type of tumor ever went into remission.”

According to an affidavit cited by Enid News & Eagle, Good told the church her daughter had cancer, suffered several seizures, was undergoing stem cell research, and was on a waiting list for a heart transplant.

She was using her child’s nonexistent illnesses to commit fraud at her own church.

According to KFOR, at one golf tournament fundraiser alone, Good raised over $12,000 for her 4-year-old girl. A friend who organized the event, Josh Norman, told reporters:

“She just comes up giving me those sob stories about how bad she is and all of this other stuff. Then just recently just hit me up on Facebook saying she was on her last leg. The doctors say there was nothing else they could do for her.”

Once the 32-year-old mother was pressured by police, she admitted that her entire story, every part of it, was fabricated.

But the consequences of her actions won’t be easily erased. Her daughter, for instance, grew up believing she was terribly sick, and so did her siblings.

What kind of person could possibly do something like this? How could you be so depraved and evil as to make your child believe she’s dying in order to raise money off of her?

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