Famous Murderer Set to Walk Free 24 YEARS EARLY…Americans FURIOUS [VIDEO]

Famous Murderer Set to Walk Free 24 YEARS EARLY…Americans FURIOUS [VIDEO]

In 1995, football star and actor OJ Simpson was cleared of murder charges in the deaths of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The nation was in shock, the evidence at trial all seemed to point to Simpson. Many believed that he should have been convicted. Two years later, in 1997, Simpson WAS convicted of their wrongful deaths in a civil case, which involved a monetary settlement that has apparently not been paid except for a small portion. Not that it makes any sense that he wasn’t convicted in criminal court, but then somehow the evidence was more convincing in civil court. Apparently the burden of proof is different for criminal and civil cases. But the man either killed them or he didn’t. And we will likely never know the truth.

Simpson is in prison and has served 9 years of his 33 year sentence for an October 3, 2008, crime committed in a Las Vegas hotel, in which he kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint, a sports memorabilia dealer. Simpson said the dealer had stolen some of his NFL items. This July, Simpson will have a hearing to determine if he will be released early. And some believe it could happen.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Daniel Hill, who has represented some other inmates at the prison in which Simpson is incarcerated, says he thinks there’s a good chance he could be released, saying “He’s the kind of person who gets paroled. He has done a significant amount of time and, by all accounts, hasn’t caused any problems.”

Well, right, all except for the “problems” he caused Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman and their loved ones. Ron and Nicole are still dead, still brutally murdered, still gone. And OJ Simpson? He’s alive and well and hoping to get out. Should he?

See video below.

Sonja Bochow

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