Father Beat Infant Son as He Lay in His Car Seat, While Driving – Then This Happened…

Father Beat Infant Son as He Lay in His Car Seat, While Driving – Then This Happened…

Evil exists in this world, and unfortunately, it walks among us. Daniel Cox is an example of a truly evil person, as he stands accused of beating his four-month-old son to death.

jayceon christie

A Kentucky man charged in his four-month-old son’s beating death has been found competent to stand trial in the child’s slaying.

Daniel Cox, 35, was determined mentally able to stand trial following a psychiatric evaluation by experts at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center.

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Cox is charged with murder-domestic violence in the death of Jayceon Chrystie last summer.

Court records state that witnesses called 911 on August 6 after seeing a man driving down a highway beating an infant in a car seat.

Cox left the unresponsive Jayceon with the baby’s mother, Kimberly Ann Chrystie, who called police. Authorities say the child was black and blue, had no pulse and his eye was swollen shut.

Jayceon died two days later at a hospital. Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Bob Fraction said the cause of death was ‘inflicted traumatic injury to the head.’

Witness Dena Stevenson told WLKY-TV back in August that she and her husband grew concerned and called 911 after they saw a man, later identified as Daniel Cox, hitting a child in a car seat several times in the head and chest while he was driving his gold Mercury Grand Marquis in Radcliff.

About 15 minutes after officers began searching for the car, police received a call from Kimberly Ann Chrystie’s home.

In a court filing, Chrystie said Cox, who did not live with her and their son, returned the child ‘all beat up’ after having him for only a couple of hours.

Emergency medics tried to resuscitate the baby, who was taken to Hardin Memorial Hospital.

Police wrote that Jayceon’s left eye was swollen shut, his right cheek was swollen and he had ‘major bruising on his back and buttocks.’

It’s heartbreaking to think about that poor baby’s last moments, and the agony his mother is surely going through now. Hopefully, he’s put behind bars for a long time, and isn’t able to hurt anyone like this every again.

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