Father Of Cannibal FRAT Boy Breaks Down In Tears – I’m Sorry My Son Ate Your Family

Father Of Cannibal FRAT Boy Breaks Down In Tears –  I’m Sorry My Son Ate Your Family

His son stabbed, killed, then ate the face and abdomen of one of his victims. Two weeks prior to the killings he started acting erratically. The night of the murders he was eating at a restaurant with his father and sister, when he got mad and took off by foot headed to his mother’s house. Once there, the strange behavior only increased…


From the Daily Mail:

Mina was so concerned about her son’s behavior that she then called 911, telling police that he had been acting erratically and claiming to have superpowers.

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It is then thought that Austin made his way back to the restaurant, before leaving for a second time and attempting to walk back to his father’s house.

Police say it was on that walk that Austin stabbed John Stevens, 59, and wife Michelle Mishcon, 53, to death in their garage, before eating part of Stevens’ face and abdomen.

Dr Harrouff, who has said his son’s alleged attack is due to mental illness, also told Dr Phil that the teen’s personality completely changed two weeks before the killings.

Fighting back tears, the prominent dentist added: ‘I’m deeply sorry for what my son did to those people.

‘And I’ll apologize for him, because my own son would have never done that… He’s such a good person.

‘He would never knowingly do something like that. I’m truly sorry to those people.’

Officers say Harrouff, who they believe overdosed on synthetic drug flakka, randomly attacked Stevens and Mishcon after dining with his parents at Duffy’s restaurant in Jupiter on August 15.

After her son stormed out, mother Mina called police, telling them: ‘My son has kind of taken off and I’m concerned about his own safety. He’s acting a little strange.’

‘It seems like he’s a little delusional,’ she added. ‘There’s this recent change that we’re noticing. He was out to dinner with his dad today and he took off.

‘He says he feels immortal and like a super-hero. I don’t know what’s going on with him. The only thing he has on is a switch-blade type pocket knife.’

Cops say Harrouff used a switchblade he was carrying along with a broken vodka bottle from the garage to stab the couple to death.

Harrouff is also accused of stabbing neighbor Jeff Fisher in the back when he came over to investigate after hearing Mishcon screaming.

After butchering the couple, police say Harrouff ate part of Stevens’ face and abdomen and consumed caustic chemicals found in the garage.

When officers arrived, they say it took several shots from a Taser, a police dog and four officers to subdue Harrouff, who
was showing abnormal strength.

Investigators also say that, while on his way to hospital, Harrouff boasted that ‘you won’t find any drugs in my system.’

The accused killer is still in critical condition in hospital, with Dr Harrouff revealing that several of his internal organs are malfunctioning, apparently as a result of drinking the chemicals.

He told the Palm Beach Post that Austin has a malfunctioning liver, fluid in his lungs and a bleeding esophagus.
Cops have confirmed that, once the teen is released from hospital, he will be charged with murder.

In the month leading up to the attack on the Stevenses, Harrouff posted 41 YouTube videos, progressively getting more and more bizarre.

In one, he said: ‘I’ve got a psycho side and a normal side. I’ve lost my mind. Help me find it.’

Wait a minute. The mother watched as her son drank a bottle of olive oil and told him to add cheese to it? Then watched him walk away. I’m willing to bet that both her and the father of this boy are absolutely beside themselves with “what ifs”. It has to be awful.

I hope the public is good to them. It’s hard enough that they have to deal with losing a good son to whatever disease of the mind that was afflicting him.

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