Father Dangles Toddler Son Out of 15-Story Window for Facebook ‘Likes’ & Gets 2 Years in Prison [VIDEO]

Father Dangles Toddler Son Out of 15-Story Window for Facebook ‘Likes’ & Gets 2 Years in Prison [VIDEO]

Social media has brought out the worst in some people. Eager to get attention and to become “Internet famous,” it seems there is no low people won’t stoop to in order to get clicks and “likes.” One man went so far as to dangle his son out of a window — and only got two years in prison for it.

In Algeria, a man dangled his son over a 15-story high balcony and posted a photo on Facebook of the stunt, threatening to drop the baby if he didn’t get enough “likes.” He captioned it, “1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

Instead of racking up “likes” though, the man’s friends and family were alarmed. They contacted authorities, who tracked him down and arrested him, charging him with child endangerment.

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But the man wasn’t finished with the stupidity. Instead of admitting his wrongdoing, he instead claimed that the photo was edited by other people on social media. Other relatives came forward in his defense, saying that there were protective barriers to keep the baby safe and had been removed for the sake of the picture — in hopes of going viral and getting lots of “likes” of course.

The man pled with the court for forgiveness, saying he was just “playing a game,” but the judge wasn’t in the mood to let him off scot-free. He was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. But that sentence may not be long enough for some — thousands of Algerians had called for him to be arrested and jailed, and such a light prison term may not be satisfactory, judging by the comments people have left for the man online. “Oh my God, that man is insane,” one person wrote on YouTube. “So glad the fb stepped in. This man should never be allowed around that child or any child again.”

Do you think his sentence was harsh enough?

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