Federal Grand Jury Indicts Kate Steinle’s Illegal Alien Killer

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Kate Steinle’s Illegal Alien Killer

A federal grand jury indicted the killer of Kate Steinle on Wednesday. If you recall, the illegal alien in question, Jose Garcia Zarate, was acquitted in the murder of Steinle recently.

Jose Garcia Zarate was indicted “for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and for being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition,” according to the Department of Justice.

Although the San Francisco court acquitted Zarate of murder, it did convict Zarate of illegal possession of a firearm. If the charges stick, he could face up to 10 years in federal prison.

I don’t get this case. If you or I had an illegally possessed gun and discharged it and someone ended up dead because of it, do you think we would be acquitted of any kind of murder or manslaughter charges?

Zarate is on record saying that he fired the gun that killed Steinle and that he chose to go to San Francisco because of its sanctuary city status.

Zarate had been deported multiple times. Why was he even in this country to begin with? If an American tried to immigrate to Mexico illegally, he would get thrown in Mexican jail. And if half of what I’ve heard about Mexican jails is true, then that is somewhere you would never want to be. But millions of Mexicans are allowed to waltz over our border and strain our welfare state.

Honestly, I don’t care if people want to come to America to try and make a better life for themselves or their families. If there was no redistribution of wealth from our government, I would be all for an open border. People would come and try to make it, and if they didn’t, they would go back to where they came from. This is what happened before the immigration change in 1965. People would go back to their home countries if they didn’t make it. Instead, we give them free healthcare, free schooling and the list goes on an on.

I can understand if you disagree with that take. But no one should disagree that illegal aliens who have been convicted of felonies in U.S courts should be given no sanctuary status and should be deported. Because this guy has been deported multiple times, it’s time for a wall at the southern border and a beefed up border patrol to try and keep the felons and drugs out.

If we speed up the legal immigration route, then that would be the perfect situation. People who actually wanted to be here and contribute could do so easier and we would keep out those who would cheat the system. It’s the best of both worlds and people like Kate Steinle would not have to die.

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