Female Shooter is Caught on CCTV Shooting Man in His Car After Pulling a Gun From Her Underpants

Female Shooter is Caught on CCTV Shooting Man in His Car After Pulling a Gun From Her Underpants

Message to gang members: if you’re going to shoot someone, you might want to make sure it’s not in plain view of a camera. That’s the harsh lesson this woman learned after shooting someone after pulling a gun out of her underwear, and the entire thing was caught on tape.

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A dramatic gang-related shooting has been captured on camera in Detroit, showing the moment a woman pulled a gun hidden in her skirt and shot a male rival sitting in a car.

The shooting occurred about 4.30 a.m. Sunday at a Mobil gas station on the city’s west side and was captured by Project Green Light, a partnership between Detroit police and local gas stations that sends high-definition surveillance footage straight to police headquarters.

The footage shows the 20-year-old female suspect – the only woman in the group that was caught on camera – gets a gun from a blue Dodge Charger and hides it in her underpants,Fox 2 News reported.

Seconds later, the woman approached the second car, a dark-colored Pontiac Grand Prix, and fired multiple times, striking the driver repeatedly. Miraculously, the driver – who can hardly been on the video – survived the attack.

… Because of Project Green Light, police were onto the shooting immediately.

Also, due to the clearness of the footage, they had a clear identification of the suspect.

‘Huge success, exactly what we had hoped for,’ Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody told Fox 2.

‘We’re going to see you, and we’re going to see you clearly.’

… Detroit Police Chief James Craig says within two hours of getting the images to the media, they had the female suspect in custody, after a viewer recognized her and called police.

Officials said she was found one mile from her house on her way out of town.

The woman has not been identified but remains in custody.

Well, that was not the smartest move for this thug. Thank goodness that she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, though — because of her stupidity, she’s been arrested.

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