Florida Mom Reports A Carjacking After Getting The Surprise Of Her Life

Florida Mom Reports A Carjacking After Getting The Surprise Of Her Life

Not only did the mom get the surprise of her life, so did her daughter. Darly Geffrard saw her daughter riding around with friends in a car she had not seen before. She faced off with her daughter and asked her where the car came from. Her daughter finally admitted the car was stolen after lying and evading her mother. What her mother did next shocked her. She called the police and turned her daughter and her friends into the authorities. She also gave the license plate number of the car to make it easier for the police to track the car down. As hard as that was, it was the right thing to do. Stealing cars is a step too far and has to have consequences.

Car Jacking

From Universal Free Press:

Darly Geffrard of Perrine was out running some errands Wednesday night when she happened to see her daughter riding around with some friends in a car she didn’t recognize as belonging to any of them. The mom confronted her daughter and wanted to know where the car came from. After a series of innuendos and lies, her daughter admitted that the car was stolen.

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At that time, Darly did the unthinkable, at least for her daughter. The Florida mom called police and reported the incident along with the names of the other kids and the license number of the car. Now let’s just say that Darly is not the most popular mother in the town and the teen and her four friends are facing charges related to a violent carjacking.

Darly Geffrard told local television station WSVN-TV reporters, she didn’t raise a car thief and apologized to the carjacking victim. “This is the worst nightmare,” the Florida mom told the station. “This is not how I raise my kids. This is not how they’re raised, so if that happened they need to get arrested.” Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing to do of all. Geffrard called 911 when she saw her daughter Janeth in the stolen car in Sunrise Wednesday night. Sunrise Police ran the tag and discovered the vehicle had been carjacked from a North Miami parking garage two days earlier, where surveillance video had captured the carjacking. Janeth, three other girls and a boy, all 16 and 17, were arrested after they eluded police, first in the car and then on foot, according to WSVN. Cops said the teens carjacked a vehicle that belonged to a 24 year-old student at Keiser University. The alleged victim told the station one of the teen suspects doused her with pepper spray and grabbed her hair. She’s lucky they didn’t kill her. Police said when they attempted to pull the vehicle over, the driver took off. A few blocks later, all of the occupants in the vehicle bailed out and ran. They were all caught, and, police said, they all admitted their involvement in the robbery. And now comes the repercussions and we will see what these kids are made of. Will they straighten up or go down the tubes? I always hope for the best, but most of the time it is the latter.

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