Florida: Tampa Man Converts to Islam & Then Kills Roommates For Disrespecting Muslim Faith

Florida: Tampa Man Converts to Islam & Then Kills Roommates For Disrespecting Muslim Faith

I sure wish I could say I’m surprised by this, but I’m not. Devon Arthurs is an 18 year-old former neo-Nazi from Florida, who converted to Islam. He became incensed that America was bigoted towards Muslims and bombed his country. Which makes no sense, since his country is America and he’s as white as they come. This guy is massively screwed up in the head and just plain evil. He had two neo-Nazi roommates who he just ‘had to’ execute. Then he took three people hostage in a smoke shop. The owner managed to escape and get help.

The idiot yelled “Allah Mohammed” instead of “Allahu Akbar!” Maybe he wanted to be different, who knows. The guy is an Islamic poser, but it doesn’t make him any less lethal, which his roommates found out the hard way. Arthurs had a gun in the smoke shop and was bragging that he had blasted the heads of his former roommates. “He came in there with a gun, never faced it at [the employees],” Soufan told FOX 13. “[He was] telling them the world’s corrupt, crazy stuff like that, and that he just shot someone.” Regardless of English not being Soufan’s first language, you get the point. The guy is bat crap crazy.

From Creeping Sharia:

A Florida man who was formerly a neo-Nazi but recently converted to Islam killed his two roommates Friday for “disrespecting” the Muslim faith. Police in Tampa, Florida arrested Devon Arthurs after he held three people hostage inside a smoke shop before leading authorities to the bodies of his two roommates.

Arthurs, 18, yelled “Allah Mohammed” while police walked him to a patrol car, according to the arrest affidavit. He told police he was angered by the world’s “anti-Muslim” sentiments and “wanted to bring attention to his cause,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. He said his roommates also shared his previous neo-Nazi beliefs.

“I had to do it,” Arthurs told police. “This wouldn’t have happened if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

Police were called Friday evening after Arthurs entered the Green Planet Smoke Shop in Tampa. Employees there said Arthurs, armed with a gun, was ranting about having killed two people while holding three people hostage in the store. Arthurs reportedly bragged of having “blasted their head” to the hostages. The store’s manager, Fadi Soufan, was able to get away for enough time to call police.

Arthurs stated he was making his case and wanted to be on cable news. Wish granted! Not quite the way he wanted, but murderers can’t be choosers. The police report stated that Arthurs was armed with a semiautomatic handgun that he removed from his waistband when he arrived at the store. “Do me a favor and get the f—- on the ground!” Arthurs yelled to a female employee and male customer, according to the report. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” They are very lucky he didn’t do just that. Wonder if he was on some really good drugs.

The police showed up and arrested this coward. He then told them where the bodies of his roommates were. Police then located the bodies of Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, inside a nearby apartment complex. Both appeared to have died of gunshot wounds, police said. The officers were concerned there might have been bombs or explosives in play here and who can blame them? That would have fit the MO. The Tampa Police bomb squad and the Tampa Fire Rescue Hazmat team “worked through the night to ensure that it was safe to enter the condominium,” police said in a press release. No bombs were found in the building.

Arthurs was arrested on two counts of first-degree murder and armed kidnapping. Then he started giving details. He told the police what type of rifle he used and who he shot first, etc. Police still don’t know what led to the shooting, but it was probably that they refused to convert to Islam as their brother did. I’m not crying over this one… three neo-Nazis with radical Islamism mixed in. No big loss. The problem is this is a trend.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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