Four Decades After His Jail Escape, Inmate Will Return to North Carolina

Four Decades After His Jail Escape, Inmate Will Return to North Carolina

If this man hadn’t turned himself in, he likely never would have been caught. But almost forty years after escaping from prison, Clarence David Moore decided to call the sheriff’s department and turn himself in.

clarence david moore

After almost four decades on the run, an escaped North Carolina prison inmate is back behind bars in Kentucky, having turned himself in over medical issues, authorities said on Wednesday.

Clarence David Moore, 66, called the sheriff’s department earlier this week in Franklin County, Kentucky, where he had been living under an alias for years, Sheriff Pat Melton said.

The detective who received his call initially thought it was a prank, then realized he was telling the truth, Melton said.

Melton and a deputy found Moore lying in a medical bed in his house.

Moore had been convicted on larceny charges, according to North Carolina prison records. Before his disappearance in 1976, he made two prior escapes – the second of which saw him at-large for nearly three years before he was captured in Texas.

The situation is, quite frankly, baffling: after successfully evading police and prison time for so long, why would he turn himself in now? Whatever his motives are, at least this man finally owned up to his crimes and is doing the right thing, even if it is decades later.

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