Friday Stupid: EU Court Blocks Extradition Of Jihadis Because Barry Might Treat Them Meanly

Oh, ok, I know, it’s not necessarily fair to drag Obama into this, but, hey, he is The President, right? That was the standard set while Bush was president. Getting beyond that, this incredible article shows exactly what Obama and the Democrats want to do with the American court system, namely, outsource oversight and sovereignty to foreigners. Furthermore, this is the same kind of thing that Elena Kagan would like to do. Anyhow, moving on

Europe’s highest court today said it would not allow Abu Hamza and three other men held in Britain to be extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges until it is satisfied they will not be treated inhumanely.

The European court of human rights’ decision released this morning means it will in effect sit in judgment on parts of the US’s criminal justice system.

Hamza is a typical supporter of Islam. He fought in Bosnia against the Christians. He fought in Afghanistan. He sent men, including one of his son’s, off on a terrorist mission in Yemen. He runs Supporters of Sharia, and has called for a world-wide Caliphate and the destruction of Democracy. He is anti-women (you’d think the Useful Idiots on the Left would be against people like Hamza over this, but, nary a peep). He hangs with people who call for the murder of Christians, Jews, and Americans.

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He was found guilty In England of many charges, including solicitation to commit murder, and possession of the Al Qaeda Handbook and the Encyclopedia of Afghan Jihad. Surprise! Oh, BTW, the Guardian article I’m excerpting from fails to mention those, simply mentioning the inciting hatred charges. Anyhow

Lawyers for the men argued that if convicted, the conditions they would be held in were so severe they amounted to a breach of article three of the European convention on human rights. It says that no one should be subject to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.

They said the men would be held in a “supermax” prison where inmates are subjected to isolation that critics say can damage their mental health.

Also to be considered whether life without parole is mean, and fails to follow “international standards.” If only there was another place we could send them, where they are provided exercise, entertainment, brilliant sunshine, Koran’s, prayer mats, air conditioning, and meals better than at any tax payer funded school.

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