GA Cops Arresting Innocent SOBER People For DUI? [VIDEO]

GA Cops Arresting Innocent SOBER People For DUI? [VIDEO]

There are a lot of pissed off Georgia drivers that are now finding their lives made harder for absolutely doing nothing wrong. What is the problem? How about getting a DUI for being entirely sober. Uh huh! You can feel your blood start to boil over, can’t you?

Katelyn Ebner is one such victim who spent a night in jail and months fighting DUI charges, all because of what one attorney accurately calls police “guesswork.” Georgia law enforcement officers are now given the amazing power of arresting people on the “suspicion” they’re under some type of influence. You heard right. That means no breathalyzer or blood test. Just an certifiable “expert” law enforcement officer deciding he or she can know more than the processes that science has already proven it can do – with 99.9% accuracy.

From HuffPo:

In a dashcam video later obtained by WXIA-TV, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta that first reported on Ebner’s story, Carroll asks Ebner to step out of her vehicle, then he proceeds to conduct a 20-minute field sobriety test. Ebner repeatedly says she’s “nervous,” telling Carroll it’s the first time she’s been pulled over. At one point, Carroll shines a bright, blueish light into Ebner’s eyes for nearly three minutes. He asks her to blow into a Breathalyzer, which returns a negative result. Then Carroll makes Ebner perform a number of exercises: walk heel-to-toe, touch her nose, look here, look there.

Finally, he makes his conclusion.

“You’re showing me indicators that you have smoked marijuana,” Carroll tells Ebner as he goes to handcuff her.

Carroll is what the government would consider a “Drug Recognition Expert” by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. In other words, all he has to do is simply look at a person and determine if they’re under the influence and make an arrest based entirely on that ‘guess’.

So, what’s completely wrong and illegal there? How about probable cause? Could that play a factor? If someone is swerving, there is cause…but what if next time there isn’t? You can’t put people under arrest for being intoxicated if they are NOT intoxicated!

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