Girl And Her Half-Brother She Is Infatuated With Caught Filming Themselves Sexually Assaulting Kids

Girl And Her Half-Brother She Is Infatuated With Caught Filming Themselves Sexually Assaulting Kids

This is just sick and twisted. Matthew Thatcher, 26, his half-sister Emily Thomson, 18, and Mandy Wright, 28, have all been nailed for child abuse. Thatcher and Thomson specifically targeted three children for abuse. Thomson was said to be blinded by her infatuation with her half-brother and followed his lead. The abuse came to light after Thatcher got caught trying to meet with a 14 year-old girl he met on Facebook.

The sister and brother were caught filming horrific sexual abuse of a minor. And I’ll bet it was far from the first time they did it. I believe this happened in Britain. All three admitted to 36 counts of sexual child abuse of children under the age of 16. Monsters. Thatcher and Thomson also took graphic photos of themselves sexually abusing children and sent sick texts back and forth.

From the Daily Mail:

A twisted brother and his ‘infatuated’ sister were jailed after photographing themselves subjecting children to ‘dreadful’ sexual abuse.

Matthew Thatcher, 26, and his half-sister Emily Thomson, 18, of Neath, along with Mandy Wright, 28, of Cardiff, targeted three children.

Yesterday Cardiff Crown Court heard that Thomson was ‘blinded by her infatuation’ for her brother and ‘did not view him as a relative’.

The trio admitted 36 counts relating to the sexual abuse of the three children aged under 16.

The court heard that Thatcher and Thomson took photographs of themselves sexually assaulting the children and sent graphic messages to each other about the abuse.

Recorder of Cardiff Eleri Rees said: ‘The images and messages showed a careless disregard for the welfare of the children.’

The court heard that South Wales Police officers discovered hundreds of images of sexual abuse of children by the trio, including dozens marked as the most extreme category A.

Referring to Thatcher, of Ely, Cardiff, Recorder Rees added: ‘He descended into the darkest of places. He discovered that he was capable of doing the most dreadful things.

There were hundreds of child porn photos and dozens were labeled the most graphic category they could be put in. These three got off on being evil and debased. They should be thrown in a pit forever… scratch that… they should be executed. Children cried pitifully in the videos until they couldn’t breathe. They begged and called for their parents and these animals had no sympathy for them whatsoever.

A medical examination of one of the young victims said they showed signs of chronic sexual abuse. So, this happened over and over and over again to these poor children. Their lives were destroyed because of this. Thatcher was sentenced to 26 years, Thomson to 12 years and Wright to seven years. That’s nowhere near enough. Not even close. Thatcher was charged with 15 offences, including rape and sexual assault of a child, and Thomson was charged with 16 counts, including sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Wright was charged with five offences, including possessing images of child sexual abuse. The abuse was so shocking, it chilled the police and the legal professionals to the bone. Demons like these should be put down.

Mandy Wright, 28, of Ely, Cardiff, was jailed for her part in the crime, including possessing images of child sexual abuse.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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