GRAPHIC! Video Shows Assumed Gang Member EXECUTED Over Ice Cream!

GRAPHIC! Video Shows Assumed Gang Member EXECUTED Over Ice Cream!

The more I hear about Brazil and their literal epidemic of crime and gangsterism, the less I want to ever go there. Having ice cream with your friends should be a fun, carefree experience. But in Brazil, it can cost you your life. A 24 year-old, named Wesley Pereira Guimaraes, took his girlfriend out to enjoy some ice cream… then a gunman in a motorcycle helmet walked in, drew his gun and shot Wesley point blank. Then he strolled right back out of the shop. What’s worse is that his girlfriend and the women all just fled leaving him there on the ground.

Wesley later died in a hospital from multiple gunshot wounds. In the footage below, it looks like the victim disappears after being shot. What actually happened they believe is that he fell between the chairs and rolled out of sight. It hardly matters, he’s dead now.

Ice Cream

From the Daily Mail:

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A trip to an ice cream parlour turned into a nightmare when a 24-year-old man was shot dead by a gunman while sitting with his girlfriend.

Horrifying footage shows the suspect wearing a motorbike helmet and striding into the packed eatery in Brazil. He fires point blank at the victim and leaves as though nothing has happened.

The 24-year-old, named as Wesley Pereira Guimaraes, falls to the ground as the women around him, including his partner, flee in panic.

Video outside the ice cream parlour shows the killer escaping on a motorbike with a partner who was waiting for him. This was an execution plain and simple. Wesley must have done something really heinous to tick them off enough to put a hit out on him.

Wesley was hit in the head, face, chest, hand and arm as well as in other parts of the body by the bullets. The killer was taking no chances that he would survive. Police are investigating a local media report that the dead man reportedly had a criminal record linked with drug trafficking and robbery and had several people who would have had a clear motive for being involved in the killing.

So, I guess Wesley wasn’t that innocent after all. No one should die like that and his killers got away. I doubt they will ever be apprehended. You couldn’t see their faces – they were careful about that.

I certainly won’t be vacationing in Brazil this lifetime. The life expectancy there seems to be shockingly low.

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