GRAPHIC VIDEO: Thug Approaches Cop From Behind With a Pipe… But He Gets a Big Surprise

Surprise, surprise, surprise! A bad guy thinks he is getting the drop on a deputy just doing his job and his faithful companion introduces his teeth to said criminal. Hope the dog had his shots – for the dog’s sake. Whether this is simply a training video or the real deal, it shows just how invaluable K9 cops can be to saving officers’ lives. Nice teeth.

From the Conservative Tribune:

There’s a reason they call them man’s best friend.

One unidentified deputy learned that in an video dated Nov. 2 and posted to YouTube on Nov. 10, in which a police dog comes to his aid when a criminal with a pipe tries to sneak up behind him.

The commentary on the video is ambiguous — either this was staged as a training event or it was a real event captured by the deputy’s dashboard camera and later used for training (H/T Opposing Views).


We can’t be positive about the authenticity of this video. It does seem unusual that an event occurring on Nov. 2 would already have been incorporated into a training regime only eight days later.

But we’re inclined to believe it’s an actual event.

If it were staged as a training simulation, there would seem to be little reason to black out the name of the county in which it occurred or to mention at the end that both deputy and K9 officer survived.

For that matter, it seems more likely that a training simulation would refer to the cop as an “officer,” rather than the more specific “deputy.”

But in the end, who cares, really? The video shows a dedicated and well-trained police dog doing what they and their equivalents in the military do best — protecting their fellow officers and dishing it out to the bad guys.

While the initial guy the officer was talking to makes a sudden movement, which must have been for a weapon, the guy with the pipe was sneaking up on the deputy. The dog tackled the assailant with the pipe and shoved him to the ground where he was pinned and probably chewed on. The first guy got shot and rightly so. Both the officer and the pooch survived the incident. Training or not, don’t mess with man’s best friend or the police. Something very bad, final and unpleasant is likely to happen to you.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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