Groom Finds Something Under Bride’s Dress, Kills Her

Groom Finds Something Under Bride’s Dress, Kills Her

Another wedding, another honor killing. This time, in Pakistan. So, not surprised. It’s tragic and sad… it’s also common over there. A man married his cousin. When they were consummating their vows, he discovered she was not a virgin (or he at least suspected she wasn’t). He then proceeded to murder her and then flee the scene. He strangled her to death in their bedroom. Definitely the shortest marriage from hell on record.

In Islam, the husband is within his rights to do such a thing usually. The brother of the dead bride filed a complaint, but it is highly doubtful that any Islamic court will find fault with what the groom did. It was an arranged and consensual marriage. Basically, women are property and she was damaged goods, so he rid himself of a lie. Women are considered to have far less worth than a man and can be killed for almost any reason by not only their husbands, but family members.

From watchthis!:

A bride was reportedly strangled to death by her groom on the night of their wedding because he suspected that she wasn’t a virgin.

The Pakistani woman married her cousin the day before her body was found in her bedroom, and the groom fled the scene after killing her. Police forced their way into the woman’s home, where they discovered her on the bed.

The mother of the bride called the police when she tried to call her daughter the morning after the wedding and received no response.

The death was referred to by many as an “honor killing,” which is carried out by husbands who have reason to believe their wives were not virgins before they married.

The bride’s brother filed an official complaint with police, saying that the groom — Qalandar Bux Khokhar — strangled his sister to death.

The bride’s mother said that the marriage was arranged but consensual.

The police are making a good show of trying to hold this guy accountable. They’ve conducted several raids looking for Khokhar, but no luck. I doubt they will find the man. He will be protected and shielded in that culture. In that same culture, it is normal to wed children as young as eight years-old and to have multiple wives and concubines. Slavery is dirt common. They are barbaric.

They have not verified whether the bride was indeed a virgin or not. Well, they probably have, but the authorities aren’t going to publicize that fact. Others claim that a heated argument erupted between the newly-wed couple regarding a delay in the wedding ceremony due to certain customs. My bet is on the chasteness of the bride, which is required by many Muslims and is a prized state for a bride. It is a sad fact that throughout the Muslim world this happens VERY frequently. There is no justice here… just medieval customs and death.

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