Guess Who Else Is Funding Violent Anti-Trump Protests – In The Name Of “UNITY”!!?

Guess Who Else Is Funding Violent Anti-Trump Protests – In The Name Of “UNITY”!!?

And yet another so-called peaceful Leftist group has been outed for funding violent anti-Trump protests. Progress Unity Fund is a non-profit. They fund ANSWER – “Act Now To Stop War and End Racism Coalition.” ANSWER is one of the major “anti-war” fronts of the Stalinist Workers War Party from the early 1990’s through 2010. ANSWER sponsored many large protests over US involvement in Iraq during both Gulf War I and Operation Iraqi Freedom, among other issues. Its leadership has consisted almost solely of WWP or Youth Against War and Fascism members. Since 2006, ANSWER has come under the influence of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a split from the Workers World Party. In other words, communists.

Progress Unity is prohibited by law from taking part in political activities because they are a sanctioned non-profit. That hasn’t stopped them though. They are actively sponsoring protests and riots against President Donald Trump across the nation. They call these “Emergency Protests Against Trump.” I call them violent riots spurred on by radical communists looking to foment revolution.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

A non-profit group – with the same tax-exempt status as the American Red Cross or the United Way – is funding violent, left-wing anti-Donald Trump protests throughout the country.

The “Progress Unity Fund” is the “fiscal sponsor” for “ANSWER,” the virulently left-wing “Act Now To Stop War and End Racism Coalition” that is behind the post-election riots sweeping the country.

The Progress Unity Fund is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) prohibited from engaging in political activities. Their stated mission to the IRS is to “provide a progressive alternative to mainstream charities.”

On their website, they show images of happy people of color presumably benefiting from the work of the “charity.” They claim they fund “educational and material aid programs, to challenge the barriers and find solutions to the issues creating division.”

“Unity” – as in their name – seems to be their so-called guiding principles. However, the organization they support is the antithesis of “unity.”

ANSWER has been actively fomenting protests and riots throughout the country up to and including the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

This is how they set their followers on fire: “In a shock result, Donald Trump has been elected president – but the people can rise up and defeat his bigoted, extreme right wing agenda!” ANSWER said in a post-election statement. “The ANSWER Coalition is mobilizing across the country to organize and take part in emergency actions.”

ANSWER tells their donors to send their money directly to the Progress Unity Fund in Washington. Progress Unity does not publicize that little fact. Wherever you see unrest and violence, these guys won’t be far behind.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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